Sunday, September 12, 2010

CKC Charlotte

After leaving Asheville, we drove about 2 hours to Charlotte where the Creating Keepsakes Convention would be held. That night we met some friends for dinner then crashed at the hotel.

The next day, I was well-rested and less swollen than the day before, so I was ready to teach. The class size was smaller in Charlotte than I was used to, but I LOVED IT! Every student received a door prize. Plus, there were lots of Studio Calico members as my students. I met and got to talk with most of them for at least a few minutes, which is more than I usually get considering the classes are typically crammed and there's not much time in between. By far, Charlotte has been my favorite location to teach at, so I definitely want to return next year.

After my classes, I propped my feet up so they would be ready for dinner with Kelly Purkey & Megan Hoeppner. We ate at Enso's at the CityCentre and it was delicious. They even rolled out the red carpet for us when they found out how important we were :) ha!

Then, we decided we had time for bowling at this cool alley just steps away.

Too bad we didn't plan ahead more, because at this swanky place, you actually have to have reservations to bowl. This is MUCH different than the bowling lanes in Kentucky. craziness!

So, Greg and Megan opted for an arcade shooting game.

They were just entering their names here...hence the non-serious faces.

And, my sharp-shooting husband.

I wish he were that sharp of a shooter for the skunk that likes to hang around the farm.....

And, Megan having some fun after her loss :)

We opted for some ice cream as a consolation prize for not being able to bowl, then it was off to bed so we would be well-rested for the drive home the next day.

See you next year, Charlotte!

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Megan said...

LOL What do you mean my "loss?" I whooped on that husband of yours...Okay, so I may need a shooting lesson or two, but that was still the best $.50 I ever spent. ;) Thanks for posting a few of our fun pics.