Friday, September 24, 2010

foyer & dining room

Onto the foyer and dining room.

Just to add to the fun of these posts, I'll show you what the house looked like before along with the after photos. I want you to believe in how much we accomplished after telling you the length of time the remodel took in my last post.

Looking from the dining room into the foyer.

The foyer originally had a grass-weave wallpaper on it that was coming apart and sconces to the left of the double doors. We removed both and replaced the front door with one that would allow more light in.

I've posted about the flooring before. It's reclaimed beech barnwood from Horse Cave, KY. The planks are varied in width from 7-11" and are stained Early American. They are not tongue-and-groove, so they were glued and face-nailed.

Those glass doors lead into the office/scrapbook room which I'll save for a later post.

The print is custom from Bleu de Toi, an etsy shop. We're just now starting to add thumbprints as guest come to our new home. Because it's a work in progress, it was framed without glass. It's just been applied to foam board and framed with a ready-made frame I got on sale at Hobby Lobby for $35.

Now a few before photos of the dining room:

The wall to the right was knocked out. We didn't like this long skinny hallway and we wanted the room to be more open.

Back wall. When we expanded the laundry room we lost that window there. I'm usually not in favor of losing a window, but in this situation, it balanced the room and looked much better.

Artwork: Bomobob - Found his photography on etsy and corresponded with him to get a larger print made. This one is 50x60"
Canisters: Restoration Hardware (which don't appear to be available now)
Table/Chairs/Buffet: Bought at market several years ago, don't remember the supplier.
Slipcovers: Pottery Barn Loose-Fit Slipcover in Cream - They didn't fit my chairs too well and were a pain to iron, but after tacking them with a pleat in the back, they look really nice.
Windows: Found item - they're my mom's so they won't be remaining.
Dough Bowl: Found in Amish country and paid twice as much as I should have for it. Didn't realize it at the time, but now I know better. For a large bowl like this, if you find it at an antique mall, expect to pay what I did $200, but if you can find it at a flea market, $100 should be the price. I should mention that mine is in perfect condition, no cracks and that is difficult to find at a flea market.
Lighting: Schoolhouse Electric (fixture & shade)

Another view of the dining room. Remember I told you we had stuff to move out before we could even begin renovation? Now do you believe me?

Left wall of the dining room, which is the wall that is now gone, exposing this:

Rug: Pottery Barn - Heathered Chenille Jute Rug in Natural 9x12'

Window Treatment: Curtains from Anthropologie now discontinued and blinds from Lowe's San Mateo Pecan.

Then to tie, we used rope bought at Lowe's as well.

I will say that I'm not a dining room person at all. After having one at my last house, I was convinced I would never have a house with a dining room again, just because it so rarely is used. But, since it was unavoidable in a remodel situation, we went with it and made this room as informal as possible while still using our old furniture. Let's see if it is used now.....


Kathy said...

Such an amazing transformation April. I love the thumb print tree - what a fantastic idea. I hope you get lots of use from your dining room...can't wait to see the scrap room!

justem said...

I love seeing your house photos! JUST gorgeous!!!

Unknown said...

Please can I just move in??? This is gorgeous, April! You and Greg did such an awesome job!

Stephanie said...

looks gorgeous! although exhausting, it must have been fun to start from scratch and make it exactly how you envisioned. Hope you get to enjoy it for many years to come!

Barb said...

I especially love the print with room for fingerprints of guests. Brilliant!

Karen said...

thanks so much for sharing photos of you beautiful home. it turned out to be gorgeous!

Melanie said...

totally loving the rug in your office - can't wait to hear more!

AllyW said...

I want you to come and decorate my house!! You home is going to be gorgeous when it's all done. Loving the pics!

casey boyd said...

April, I'm so excited to see the "after" photos of your home. It looks wonderful and you all put in a lot of hard work for a beautiful house! Cannot wait to see more.

Laura Evangeline said...

I can't wait to get a tour of the scrapbook room!

Brenda Hurd said...

how fun!! I love it all - i have that large print - but in a smaller version - it looks fabulous that big!!