Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This morning I took a sabbatical in my scrapbook room and knocked-out several layouts with the August kit. It's funny because when I first designed the July kit, I thought it would be more "me", but this kit, SUMMER CAMP really just screams for me to use it. I LOVE it!

My goal with these layouts was to use my sewing machine more and in creative ways. I'm not sure I accomplished that, but I'm happy I used it on 3 out of the 4 layouts I've completed.

Also, I wanted to use some new mists and paints, and that I did. I was a mess (and so was my table) by the time I finished these.

Made using the Footpath add-on, my favorite add-on by a mile.

Made using the Adirondack add-on. I wasn't sure about this one at first as it was coming together, but I LOVE how it turned out. On this layout, I added Landscape Green paint, seafoam mist, and tangerine mist.

Made using the main kit + Footpath. This is my favorite layout this month. LOVED how it all turned out. The additions to the kit are the Slice + Basics Cartridge to cut my Rs and Foam Dots.

Oops. I meant this is my favorite layout this month. Totally had forgotten about it.

This is a layout made with the main kit, but you won't see it in my gallery this month. I made it for Kelly Purkey's Sketchbook class. I added foam dots, Seafoam Mist and Silver Plated mist.

This is another layout for Kelly's class made using the main kit plus some silver-plated mist and some 3D dots.

I should have some more sneaks to share soon!


Karen said...

beautiful sneaks and do i see some pregnancy layouts? sweet. can't wair for Sketchbook 2. i am all signed up and ready to go. lots of unused kits just begging to be used up! xoxo

Angela W said...

Beautiful layouts, April! I love the pregnancy ones, and your use of paint! I can't wait for Kelly's class and everyone creations!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

LOVE these sneak peeks :) LOVE this kit - wowzers!

*reyanna* said...

These look amazing, April! And Footpath looks like a definite fave for me too... when I saw it, I was like, "Okay... I have to have ALL that! I NEED this add-on!" LOL. Thanks for the enabling! ;-)

Christina O said...

Beautiful sneaks April! Can't wait to see the full kit!!! Thanks for sharing!

Ursula Schneider said...

Beautiful baby bump April! I'm looking forward to the whole she-bang

Joaniebolognie said...

WOW>.....these peeks look awesome! You rocked the sewing machine!!!! Can't wait to see it all!!!!