Saturday, July 24, 2010

answering some questions

From my CHA + Sketchbook post, just need to answer a few questions:
  • Is that the 7Gypsies Avignon paper from Joyland? - Yes, the misted stars, are from the Avignon paper. It comes as a black & white newsprint, so I misted then punched the stars, so they'd be different colors. You could use this idea with any black/white patterned paper. Fun stuff!
  • Yes, it's time for another belly shot :) Greg actually took some yesterday that I plan on editing and posting later today. Thanks for the reminder.
  • The Mister Huey's Color Mists will be available at other online retailers and local scrapbook stores by mid-September. They'll be available at 2 months after that.
I think that answers all the questions, but let me know if I missed something.


justem said...

Clearly you are missing a very important question are you naming your daughter? ;) ;)

april said...

em, you're so funny

I've got to nail the name down with Greg. We were "decided" then he wasn't. grrrr

justem said...

I know! And please just know that I'm always teasing. We are the people that didn't share our baby name until she arrived, so I totally respect whatever you do. It's just fun for me to bug you. That and I am totally having the "I need another one" feelings right now, so I'm obsessed with everyone else's baby news!! ;)