Wednesday, January 13, 2010

cold meat

When it's 20-something in Houston, you know it's cold in Kentucky.

Much of last week, we were covered with ice and snow and temperatures in the single-digits. We rarely get such cold weather for a week at a time, so this was certainly unusual.

For the special occasion, the cows grew extra wooly hair.

I wanted to get photos for you, but apparently I'm not a covert operator. I was standing on the back porch of the barn as the cows were making their trek down the fence-row.

They would stand there and stare at me, waiting to see if it was okay to pass.

Then, when one or two were brave enough, they'd take off, running past me at top-cow-speed.

I started to worry because they aren't the most graceful animals and one slip on the ice could result in a broken leg.

But they made it to the other side...safely getting past me.


While the rest of the cows passed, I went back inside so they wouldn't get scared or get hurt. I suppose I'll have to invest in a good zoom lens.


Kimber-Leigh said...

i think cows are so funny when they run :)

get the zoom!

Joaniebolognie said...

cool pics....the cows look really neat against the white snow!

*reyanna* said...

Oh, too funny! I'll have to post photos (and then let you know) about my run-in with a BUNCH of cows on my friend's farm just last month. I took TONS of photos! They had LOTS of babies, and they were SO cute! And this one cow REALLY liked me... kept trying to walk right up to me in the 4-wheeler. I was scared with so many of them circled around me! Some of them were LONGhorns. I'm talking... over 3 feet wide! SCAAAAARY! LOL.