Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Studio Calico sneaks

Since I was 13 and began writing notes in school, I've been spelling the southern word for "you" this way:


I substituted the "ou" in "you" with an "a" and took the "ll" from "all" to form this widely used contraction.

Fast forward 16 years to my iPhone. Now, when I type texts with the informal word, it always corrects it this way:


Seems odd to me, but I can't imagine Apple getting it wrong. They even correct "iphone" to "iPhone".

Spelling is near and dear to my heart, so it's important that I get this correct.

In 2nd grade, I won the school-wide spelling bee with this word:


Some unfortunate child had spelled it with an "a" and it was that same silly letter that cost me the county spelling bee in 8th grade with the word:



Anyway, this brings me to my purpose of this post.

Y'all (or ya'll if you're a non-iphone speller), won't believe that I hit the trifecta of scrapbooking supplies twice with these layouts.

You see, I love these three things:
  • Mist
  • My old typewriter
  • Stitching
But, until this month, I had never done all three on any one layout. And what do you know? I hit the trifecta twice this month!!!

This is one such layout that the trifecta can be seen. And, I typed on an angle no less. Proud of myself for that one :)
The products here can be found in the main kit, BAKER'S DOZEN. In the main kit, I've found a new love: Basic Grey micro mini stickers. So usable.

This layout is my favorite this month. And maybe of all time.

This layout uses product from the PETIT FOURS add-on and BAKER'S DOZEN main kit. I've been in love with the mini frames by American Crafts since they came out with their Letterbox line and I think I could happily use them for many years to come.
All products here are from the PETIT FOURS add-on kit. See these words on strips? I've already used the entire package. No, not on this one layout. But, yes, I've used the whole package, which is quite unusual for me.

This is my second favorite layout in the gallery this month. I had an epiphany while shuffling papers around to create little polaroid frames out of the pretty patterned papers in the main kit. Just you wait. This layout will knock your socks off.

Don't forget, these kits and add-ons go on sale February 27th at noon EST for subscribers and at 12:00am on the 28th for everyone else. We're already taking preorders for this kit, just email to reserve your subscription and then you can order add-ons with all the other privileged subscribers. :)


Kelly said...

April - your sneaks are gorgeous. And I can't wait to see the whole lot.
Feb's kit look amazing, and I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it ;o)

*reyanna* said...

SO lovely! And polaroid-look with patterned papers?! I will HAVE to try that! Sounds AWESOME!

And Apple says "y'all" like that because it's the contraction for "you all"... so here you drop the "ou" all together. I'm STILL trying to put "y'all" instead of "you guys" into my everyday language here in Texas. *sigh* I'm still a work in progress. I have PLENTY of time to practice at work, but "you guys" still sounds SO natural to me. LOL. Maybe another few years... LOL.

Can't wait to see your layouts this month! They already look amazing! :-D

Vanessa said...

a perfect trifecta indeed!!

maryboys said...

(this is off topic...but have you ever been told that you look like becky higgins?) and i love and adore these sneaks...


ArlaMo said...

Love the sneaks.
And I still remember the word that lost me the 8th grade spelling bee (won the 6th & 7th):

Camouflage - only I spelled it without the 'u'. :(

Betsy said...

The y'all story is super funny. Our Christmas cards this year were a green and white polka dotted card with santa on a longhorn off to one side (living in TX and all), leaving room for a title and a picture of the kids. I started working on writing "Merry Christmas Y'all" across the top of the cards one night around 11:00 pm when I couldn't sleep. Apparently I was sleepy enough because I spelled about 10 cards "ya'll" before I realized it. I was mortified - Most of these cards were going out of state and I didn't want anyone to think this Texan didn't know how to spell y'all, and the other cards were going in state and I certainly didn't want my fellow Texans to think I don't know how to spell "y'all". So, I carefully picked who would get them - my sister to whom I had told my stupid mistake, my husband's grandmother who is 102 and can't see, my sister with cerebral palsy who wouldn't know or get the picture, but definitely not my very critical aunt who would have never let me live it down.

Love the sneaks.

San Antonio

Anna Sigga said...

your sneak are ever so intriguing- can't wait to get my hands on this kit! ;o)

Susan Weinroth said...

gorgeous! i cant wait to see your pages :)

Angela W said...

I so can not wait to see your layouts fully! Seeing all of the mist colors you used with it, omg!

lisa truesdell said...

you've got me wanting MORE! loving what i'm seeing of you using paint on these - i can tell i'm going to love them all!

Houston said...

Now I'm even more curious about you layouts... polaroid frames? I'm certain they're cute.

I thought of you when I saw this post at The Inspired Home.

Hope things are going well with the house!

april said...

heehee Houston, i subscribe to that blog's feed and i thought that post was written just for me, too! :)

Kelly Noel said...

loooove your sneaks, april! can't wait to see!!!

nicole said...

great sneaks!
which mists did you use this time around?
i ran into the same thing with my iPhone. i typed "hell" and it switched it to "he'll" - which i totally didn't want...anyway, i sent my note just as i noticed...!

Emily Pitts said...

sooo pretty april! i'm impressed at your trifecta :)