Sunday, November 15, 2009

my home front

I'm kind of homeless right now, since Greg and I are remodeling a farmhouse that sits on 80 green acres in south-central Kentucky. The land is beautiful and peaceful and I'm hoping the house will be one day as well. Right now, it's full of the raucous of nail guns, air compressors, and loud music as the construction workers hack away at the old and bring in the new.

The one aspect of our home that's been given the most attention so far is our floors. Almost the entire house is now covered in beech, which was reclaimed from a tobacco barn in Horse Cave, Kentucky. I love that the wood shows history with the old nail-holes and wide planks. Greg loves the grain and the different look each board has. He's been so particular about the placement of his "cool boards" to make sure they're in prominent places for all to see.

I think what makes me most happy about these floors is that they'll be there for as long as we live in the house (which is where we will stay until we move into an old folks home). The paint on the walls might change over time, but these floors are here to stay. We'll eat lots of holiday meals on top of these floors, have lots of friends and family walk over them throughout the years, have the dogs chase the laser light over these floors, and hopefully have children to crawl over them as well. So, right now, these floors represent home to me.

All this talk about home, and I almost forgot the reason you're here. Below is a layout I made using the Home Front collection by Studio Calico. I love that it mixed so easily with the holiday line by Basic Grey. I hadn't intended on doing a holiday layout with the Home Front line, but in the end, I love how the colors turned out and how it looks slightly like a Christmas page without screaming it.

You might be guessing not that the reason I'm not ready for the holidays is because my house is not ready, and you'd be correct in that assumption. heehee.

To create this layout, I cut large rectangle from the 3 patterned papers I chose. Then, I randomly punched circles with my favorite large circle punch by Marvy. Next, I added the journaling and stitched around the outside of each rectangle. Last, I added the embellishments.

Now it's your turn:

Studio Calico is sharing part of their home with you by sponsoring a giveaway of their brand new line, Home Front. Imagine June Cleaver styled 1950s domestic bliss. Featuring optimistic colors and smooth vintage inspired patterns. You’ll find fresh stained wood grain, retro home décor, an exclusive SC cardstock alpha set, and much more. Home Front is versatile, colorful, and beautiful (can we say that?)….I think you’ll love it.

To win this collection, simply leave a comment on this post letting me know if you've ever remodeled a house and if it was worth it in the end.

To increase your chances of winning this fabulous collection, visit the rest of the design team below.

Celine Navarro

Davinie Fiero
Emily Pitts
Jenn Olson
Joy Madison
Kelly Noel
Lisa Truesdell
Maggie Holmes
Nicole Samuels
Nicole Harper
Stephanie Howell
Tina Aszmus

Winner will be announced Wednesday morning.

This collection is available at many online stores (stopandscrap, amillionlittlethings, and 2peas are the ones I know of off the top of my head) and maybe even your local scrapbook store (if not, there is no minimum order so please ask them to order it).


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BethW7372 said...

I'd love to win...our family is in the process of remodeling - or rather, getting approval for it, to put on an addition...not looking forward to all the noise.

Agnes C said...

The remodeling will soon pay off...its a lot of hard work but your will soon have a house to call a home!

Lydia said...

Not only have I remodeled but I have also built new, and both are well worth it. I have poured my heart and soul into my home, blodd seat and tears, still worth it. Love the floors and love the shoes!

fran h said...

I have never really remodeled a full house except for painting.
Great layout and good luck with all your remodeling. I am sure it will be worth it when it is all done and looks beautiful.

Fran H

Rachel Anderson said...

I've never remodeled a house, but I think your farmhouse will be worth it in the end. :) its going to be a beautiful home when you're all finished!

Bethany E. said...

Love your layout...thanks for sharing!

creamy said...

The collection is really very beautiful and original! I am a fan!

Shirley said...

I haven't remodeled a house before. There's so much new growth in the areas we've lived in that we bought new builds. I love restored historic homes though!

Laura said...

We live in my childhood home. In 2003 we completely gutted the house down to new plumbing and wiring. We lived in a 34 ft trailer in our back yard in the dead of winter (and it was a cold one). It was painful going through it, but now that it is over, it was totally worth it. I have my childhood home, but it is completely updated and safe.

Brenda Lee said...

We remodeled our kitchen and it was totally worth it. We saved a bundle. said...

I've never remodeled a house but we have finished a basement. Being in the military we sure have moved alot though!

Ivy said...

I've never remodeled a house before. But i m sure it will be worth it after seeing the final result. =)

odomfamily said...

Great collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

Celina said...

rhooooooo I don't speak english very well but I like decorate my house and I Loooove this new collection !!

Anonymous said...

Je tente ma chance car cette collection est trop trop trop. Bisous et merci pour cette opportunité.

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