Sunday, November 22, 2009

cabinets are here!!!!

I have finally gotten a chance to read through all the comments from the Home Front giveaway and first I would like to say, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! That's the most comments I've ever gotten. I must admit, most of your comments were very encouraging about the remodel process, but there were a few of you (and you know who you are ;) who really told it like it was!

In the end, I know I will love my house and I know that we will never tackle a remodel job like this ever again, so I can make it through.

We're getting closer and closer to finishing the job. Our cabinets were delivered and installed this week. I took some photos as they were being put in, so some cabinets are in place and some aren't.

Below is one of the upper kitchen cabinets sitting next to our chimney. This is one of only 2 upper cabinets we have in the kitchen as we opted for more windows and less cabinets. I may regret that decision later, but now, I'm loving all the natural light.

Don't get too attached to the color here in the scrapbook room. It turned out MUCH lighter in this photo than it actually is. I'm actually wanting it to look like this photo as opposed to the HOLY-MOLY-THAT'S-A-BLUE-ROOM color that it currently is.

In this room, there are two shelves/cabinets. One just like this on either side of the door. I see lots of scrapbook albums sitting here in the future :)

And here's the surprise runaway in best cabinet finish. We took a MAJOR chance on the finish on these cabinets and thankfully, it worked. I showed a magazine page to the folks at Creative Custom Cabinets in Russellville, KY. The cabinets were pine and had a brownish finish on them. My challenge was that I didn't want pine because it's so soft, but I did want the look of the page in the magazine. Dorothy, the girl at the cabinet shop, pulled a sample off the wall and turned it on the back side and said, "This is alder, I think it'll give you the look you want." Just so you know, I am a wonderful client to work with...just ask anyone we've ever hired. (I'm not just tooting my own horn, I really have the philosophy that you should just let people who you know do a good job, actually do their job and not be a hindrance.) So, needless to say, I went with the alder and just put a clear coat on it and look how gorgeous they are.

They are so pretty that one of the guys installing them asked me, "Was this your idea for these cabinets? We ain't never done nothing like this before, but I like it." This was said in a strong country accent and like sounded more like "lick", but I felt it was a huge compliment, so I ran with it.

I'm especially proud of how they look with those 12x24" white tiles.

Moving upstairs, this was another idea I had that looked great in my head and I wasn't entirely sure it would translate well in real life.

Thankfully, they guys at the cabinet shop had the same vision as I and it turned out well. On the upstairs landing, originally there was a wall with an attic. All we did was knock out the wall and put a bookcase on the left of the chimney and a desk area on the right.

I see this area being used quite a bit in the near future. Even Greg is thrilled with how it looks.
It's always nice when you can impress your hubby with a good idea.

And, last, I'll leave you with a photo of the Jetster enjoying our new floors.
This week, the guys will be back to sand and stain the floors, so it'll be a week or so before I can post photos of that.


Vanessa said...

so far it's looking good! The take a chance cabinets look incredible!

Nicole said...

It looks FABULOUS, April!!! Everything has turned out so nice!! The alder cabinets look awesome, by the way. ;) :)

casey boyd said...

I am very impressed, you two have made some wonderful choices and it is always a relief when it starts coming together! And the paint, well it is only paint and an easy fix...the color in the photo is fantastic!

Kimberly said...

Gorgeous! I love the natural looks you have going on in your new home. I cannot wait to see the finished product when you have decorated. How completely fun this will be!

Hannah said...

April, it looks AMAZING! I am just loving your style!!!

Keshet said...

It's looking good, April!

Davinie Fiero said...

Totally gorgeous.
Totally jealous.
I think we might have the same blue (my real version and the photographed version you have there, lol).

joanna said...

lovely! So excited for you and yours. I especially appreciate your comment about letting people do their jobs. That really hit home for me since I'm a realtor and just had a very difficult sale... the buyer wanted total control and wouldn't just step aside and let the process work the way it should. Best of luck with the remodel!

Jenn A. said...

Everything looks gorgeous! I love the tile in the kitchen and the built-in desk that spans the length of the wall you knocked down. It must be so exciting to see things coming together!

We just finished our four days of home improvement and I took a 2 hour nap today, I was so exhausted! I can't imagine doing a whole remodel!!!

Anonymous said...

you make me want to remodel SO bad! i love how everything is coming together. that desk area next to the chimney looks awesome! if you're looking for a good 'light blue', check out 'palladian blue' from benjamin moore. i've used it in my dd's room and my scrap area and love it! (first saw it used on divine design).

*reyanna* said...

Wow!!! They look AMAZING! Can't wait to see more! I put more photos up of our new house. It's coming together slowly... LOL. But I'm so happy with it. :-)

lisa truesdell said...

i don't know how i missed this post before - but i LOVE everything! gorgeous cabinets, and the desks are so cool. =)