Saturday, December 13, 2008

to answer your questions

I'm really glad I offered ya'll the chance to ask questions because sometimes I just don't know what to blog about and what I find interesting, you may be rolling your eyes at, but whatever the case, below are my answers to your questions + I added a funny Sonic story at the end.
  1. How long have you been married? How did you two meet? (by Angela) I'm so glad you asked this, because I have been writing and re-writing this story about Greg and I meeting. To give you the condensed version, we've been married 7.5 years, since May 28, 2001. We met in Astronomy class at Western Kentucky University my freshman (his junior) year. More on this later :)
  2. Is that glimmer mist that you have on your list to order, will it be for the "shop"?!!?! Haha, that would be great! (by mommytoalex) Hmmm....I said I wouldn't be able to answer everything, but boy do you have good eyes!
  3. Is that an upcoming sneak on your computer screen? (by Kimber-Leigh) Not really. We're beginning work on February's kit, but I can confidently say there is probably not going to be anything you see on my screen in a kit. That's just how it rolls :) Actually, on that screen, we were working on add-on #3 for February and it's still not put together and it's changed so many times. Usually, Scarlet and I will work on the kits over the course of several days so that we can really think and re-think which items will be the best and which manufacturers/special items can be brought in.
  4. You mentioned in a previous post that you used to be in pharma sales {i *think*}...what made you {and scarlet} take a leap and start SC? it's so scary to start your own business and you guys have done a kickin' job. (by Nicole) First of all, thank you for the compliment. Studio Calico was really started by 3 people: me, Greg, and Scarlet. Scarlet was on the DT for another kit club at the time and over the course of a year she had several ideas on how to improve on the concept. The club she was with basically used one or two manufacturers each month, so there wasn't a variety in the kit. I really didn't understand the whole concept and admittedly, when she talked about it, I just let it go in one ear and out the other. At the time, I was busy being a rep trying to get a promotion to management, and although I scrapped and liked to get published, I didn't really see it as a career. A little over a year after she first mentioned starting our own kit, I had been a manager for about a year and because I was on the road so much, I was really involved more with the online scrap community, and learning a lot (mainly lurking and learning). At my job, we underwent some management changes and people who had been solid performers with the company were demoted and alignments changed overnight and I realized that my job wasn't as secure as I once thought. That's when Greg and I began talking about the financial aspect of starting our own business, but I didn't really have the confidence to take the leap. Greg pushed the decision over the edge and took the lead on doing a lot of the start-up processes. So, that's why I say 3 people started this business and we all continue to bring 3 distinct and unique views to the table, which hopefully makes SC the place to be!
  5. So April what are your dreams? I see you left your non SC job so I am thinking your begining to obtain one, working in a self supporting business. Hurrah for that ;-) (by AnnieScraps) Yes, I have certianly left one full-time job for another. I didn't realize there was so much to do at SC central, but there is! As far as my dreams for the future, and I'll couple mine with Greg's....we'd love for SC to continue to succeed, especially in this economy and to be the leaders in innovative thinking and superior designs. Wow! Did I just write a mission statement?
Thanks to everyone who left questions/ was fun to see what you found interesting, so maybe we can do this again sometime.

Now for my Sonic story. It's no surprise that Sonic is my favorite place, especially during the hours of 2:00-4:00 when drinks are half-price. I don't get to go often because I generally don't leave the office all day, but on Thursday, I had to run an errand and thought I'd grab lunch there for the sole purpose of wanting a Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla as a drink. I pull in and see a promotion for "Steak & Rings." It's a country-fried steak sandwich with onion rings for $3.99, but beneath the promotion it says, "Sandwich-Only: $3.49"

I press the button and order, "I'd like a country-fried steak sandwich, no mayo, and a large Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla."

The voice on the other end, "The Steak & Rings?"

"No, just the sandwich."

"Right, but the Steak & Rings?"

"No, the sandwich only for $3.49"

"Okay, we'll have it right out."

I wait a few minutes and see the car-hop bring me a small bag and a medium drink. Had it not been the sole reason for my Sonic visit, I would have let it slide, but I needed that large drink. I politely said, "Thank you, but I ordered a large." Immediately, she headed back inside to fix the error and came out a minute later with a large drink and the small bag.

I had originally planned to take the sandwich to my dad's office and eat with him, but since the drink order was messed up, I decided to check the sandwich. I opened the bag and mayo was oozing out. I pressed the button to ask for a new sandwich, knowing the whole time that I would probably have my food spit into, but choosing rather to have that than mayo. Minutes later, my new, correct sandwich was brought out, and thankfully, I don't think the employees were vindictive.

The very next day, Greg and I decided to meet for lunch at Sonic because I had a coupon :)

I ordered a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla (the coupon was for $0.99) and a chicken club sandwich, no mayo. Would you know that my Dr. Pepper didn't have Vanilla in it?

I can't win for losing.


nicole said...

i totally hate mayo {well, there are exceptions but it has to be minimally used}. what a fun & informative post! i didn't mean to leave greg out of the equation! ;-) but, again, you guys are doing a fantastic job and i hope the new year brings you continued success! good luck w/ your future sonic orders. LOL!

Angela W said...

That stinks about Sonic! That has happened to me too! Thanks for answering my question! Our anniversary is May 25, got married in 1996! Cool so close!

Karen said...

missed you today....we will have to try to meet up again sometime....i totally understand trying to cram too much into your day!

Tiffany said...

thanks for the birthday wishes!
honestly, i was pretty surprised when you commented on my blog. it's like having a celebrity shake hands with you!

and btw, i've actually never been to a Sonic before. Their drinks and food look REALLY appetizing on their commercials, but i have never seen a Sonic in New York City.

*reyanna* said...

My Sonic is the same way. And I seriously say at the beginning (very nicely), "Okay, this was wrong last time, so I'm going to explain it, so that it's not wrong this time." And know what? It's still wrong. But last time I got a coupon for a free burger! Hoorah! LOL. Still love Sonic though, and I will NEVER stop going. :) I get to go tomorrow actually! Woohoo!

Anyway, the reason I came to your blog was to find a layout you posted a while back, but I got *sucked* in and read and read and read for like an hour. I found the layout, and now it's past 9pm! LOL.

Thanks for a great blog! I SO enjoy wasting time here. :)