Monday, December 1, 2008

a good weekend

Greg had a good weekend because of this:

74-72 Kentucky!!!

I had a good weekend because I got to shop here, here, here, and here, with my mom. We had a blast and got lots of good deals.

I got these shoes/boots:
Cheerful by Kenneth Cole
Maisha by BCBG

Plus, I got a couple little things for myself at Banana since they had accessories on sale 40% off. The rest of my purchases were gifts. I was especially proud of these finds from Restoration Hardware:

They have all sorts of cool things that would be perfect to put in a purse or travel bag. On the she-mergency kit, see the "ms & mrs" on the side? Those are actually fingernail clippers. Aren't they so cute? Too bad this is a gift for the in-laws and not for me :(


Lyn said...

I love those emergency kits! Going to check out the bride's kit for my future SIL!

Anonymous said...

Great shoes & boats!!!! That emergency kits rock!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see more pictures of your tree and holiday decorations! The reflection, in one of your ornaments, of you taking a picture of your tree is to cute.

Janine Langer said...

Love your shoes! And the emergency kits are so cool. Have a wonderful Christmas time! :)