Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tour de grandmothers part 3

Grandmother #2 lives in Corpus Christi, so mom and I headed down there on Saturday afternoon. It was three hours away, so we had to stop for Sonic drinks twice along the way :)

Then, when we got to Corpus, my cousin Shana was waiting for us to take her to Sonic for happy hour.

In all, I think we went to Sonic 5 times in 4 days with Shana as an outing. Sad but true.

Apparently, in Shana's world, the only reason to go to church is that it's followed by a Sonic drink. I can relate to her philosophy. Happy Hour certainly gives one a sense of purpose in life.

Back to the visit. On Saturday, we played Skip-Bo and visited.
Sunday was church and more Skip-Bo.
Monday was bowling and more Skip-Bo.

Mom getting all suited up and talking about how nice and new the shoes were. Seriously.

Shana bowls in Special Olympics and her average is a 72. She uses a ramp, but not the bumpers and it's actually more difficult to bowl that way than normal. You'd think the ramp would help, but actually, it has more to do with the weight of the ball and the position of the holes. Trust me, she knows all about it, but she also thinks the color of the ball matters, too :)

Okay, so this is not the best photo, because I handed the camera over to mom without changing the focus setting, but it's the only one I have to illustrate my point. After 2 days, I guess Shana hadn't noticed my long hair, but literally as soon as I stepped down from bowling my first frame she hasn't stopped signing about wanting long hair since. I suppose she noticed because my back was to her, but anyway, I must have told her 50 times that she had to be patient and it takes time for hair to grow. I almost went out and cut mine just to even the playing field :)

Mom's rear. This is the reason she can say I need to lose weight. She's not a hypocrite, I tell you.

I tried to get a photo with Granny's mouth closed, but it just wasn't happening and this was the least awkward of the photos.

Shana, trying her luck with the yellow ball. (Aunt Jeana is helping)

My goal was to break 100 and I did. Check out that strike-spare-strike run in the 8th, 9th and 10th frames!

Mom still beat me with 148 and Shana beat her average by 2 points, so we were all happy except for my aunt Jeana.

Tuesday, we took photos and said good-bye and this is what happens when you try to get a serious photo with my mom's side of the family:

Then, Granny made a comment about a memorial service she went to. She said the wife couldn't find a photo of her husband without her in it....kind of a sweet comment. But, then we decided, we should head off that problem and go ahead and take a funeral photo for Granny. This was the result.

Kind of morbid, but we were having a good time.

All these photos are posted SOOC (straight out of the camera). I would have edited more, but I don't have actions saved on this computer. But, anyway, at least my lighting in most of them was okay. Getting better at shooting in manual thanks to Maggie.


Houston said...

It looks like you are having a great time! Enjoy!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

I love it when we get to peak into your life! These photos are so gorgeous, meaningful, and fun...treasures for future generations...gems!!!

You Grandma cracks me up! We all need our Memorial photos, don't we?

Dang your mom is gorgeous!

Kimberly said...

It looks as though you are having a wonderful time. You are so blessed to have your grandmother and mother. I am envious of your relationships that you have. It is truly wonderful.

heather said...

it may be morbid but it's so true. my father in law just passed and we could NOT find a good, fairly recent photo of him. sweet photos!

Steph said...

I'm sure there are other things I had to say, but I just wanted to:

A. applaud the frequent trips to Sonic. That makes me smile.


B. comment that your mom is totally stunning!

Kelly Goree Photography said...

Your mom is as stunning as her daughters, April. (Even if she did make you wear funny dresses growing up - hee!) But I want belly shots. Don't make me come down there to see it! xoxo