Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

I was visited by a fairy tonight.

A fairly who flitted about on top of the hay bales.

A fairly who turned and posed so I could photograph her wings.
A fairy who fell off the hay bales while flitting about, but was caught by Greg, then giggled and got back up to flit again.

Then as she left, she said, "Thank you Geg, I had fun taking pictures wit you."
And as I showed her a couple of the photos, she said, "Oh, so pretty," as she did a spin to watch her skirt fly. Such a girly girl.
While waiting for the fairy to visit us, G and I tested the lighting with a few of our own.
My pants got REALLY wet from sitting on these hay bales. I had a photo to prove it, but I was too chicken to post it.

And after the fairy departed, we took a ride around the farm on the side-by-side. The light was absolutely gorgeous tonight.

happy halloween!


One Daddy + One Mommy + Big Brother + Baby #2 on the Way! said...

What a beautiful post! Natalee looked so adorable and the pics of you and Greg were great! The farm looks gorgeous! You are blessed!

Kimberly said...

Gorgeous photos!

Davinie Fiero said...

I spy with my little eye.... a t-shirt to match my tote bag! I want one! :)

It looks like you had a lot of fun yesterday. Happy Halloween to you!

nichole said...

love those photos!
just beautiful! :)

Anna Sigga said...

The pictures are all so beautiful - I love the pics with the sunlight!!

You sure live in a wonderful place!

Anonymous said...

We need to have "Geg" around every time we have a Natalee photo shoot! Everything that he does is funny, so she is always full of smiles when he is around! Thanks for the beautiful memories April!