Tuesday, October 13, 2009

potty humor

This falls under the category "tour de grandmothers" but I just couldn't resist titling my post "potty humor."

Ever since I got to Texas, my hiney hasn't known what to do. At my granny #1's house, the toilets are all elevated, which is nice, but for a hiney that isn't well-educated, it doesn't know what to do. It feels like it might be peeing on the lid at some times and then when it travels to granny #2's house, it feels like it's sitting on the floor with a regular height toilet. Then, when it goes back to granny #1, it plays the mind games again. What's a hiney to do?

Then, add in the fact that granny #1 has broken the toilet seats so often that my uncle got her a heavy-duty toilet seat, and the potty humor is in full force. Take a look at this bad boy!

See the wingspan and contour on that thing?
tThe rim measures at least 7" and if I thought I could have gotten a ruler into the bathroom on this covert operation to photograph the potty, I would have just to prove it.

And, last but not least, I have to mention the carpet in the bathroom. Who puts carpet in the bathroom? My grandmother. The good thing about this house is that the last house had blue carpet.

The more I learn about getting older....I guess I shouldn't finish this sentence.


Karen said...

lol april....too funny!

Anonymous said...

that's so funny... i noticed the carpet right away. my MOM always has carpet in her bathrooms. blech.

Emily Pitts said...

poor hiney :) i love that you can blog about an uneducated hiney with such panache! and our house had carpet in the bathroom when we moved in! it was the first thing to get replaced. within days. ewwww.