Tuesday, November 11, 2008

happy veteran's day

The journaling reads:
In 1944, my grandfather served in World War II as a chief petty officer aboard the USS Alden. Perhaps the most noteworthy event of his service was on D-day when he was responsible for escorting fighter ships to the Normandy Coast.

I regard Veteran's Day as one of the most important holidays, not because my grandfather served, but because I value each serviceman or woman for the sacrifices they have made. Please take today to remember those who have served to preserve our freedom and freedom's cause around the world.

And, if you're in the service or a veteran and are reading this, THANK YOU!!!


mborrero said...

my father also served

Nicole said...

truer words were never spoken April...love your layout. (and OF COURSE G had to outjump you, lol)

Nancywithajones said...

My father in law served I had to explain to my daughter about Veterans day she was all confused. bless her heart. ws kinda funny. Thank you to our veterans and to our current men and women that keep us safe serving our country!

Denise said...

Beautiful tribute, April.

Lauren said...

great layout! i too love this tribute!