Sunday, March 13, 2011

is she breathing under there?

This is the photo I received via text from Greg.


Let's just say it's a good thing we have a video monitor. It paid off.

ETA: We're good parents and she was being supervised. Just thought I'd add that.
After reading (and deleting) some of the comments, I think some must think we allow Claire to sleep this way. We don't. I repeat, she was being supervised. She wasn't in danger and I know the guidelines for what to put in a baby's bed.


Laura Evangeline said...

Ethan pulls everything he can over his face. Thank goodness cotton "breathes"!

Cynthia Lloréns said...

Hi April...I just love everything in here!!!!
I have been a year from scrsp..but know I~m came back...and I just love to came here.
Hugs and kisses from Brazil

Anonymous said...
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MelissaC said...

The first time that Maggie did that I FREAKED out. Totally understand the panic. :)

nicole said...

I used to watch a little boy who did that same thing. It was so scary! I'd pull it down and he'd pull it right back up.

Haggith said...

this is so cute! All three of my kids slept with stuffed animals or blankets over their face. At first I'd remove it and then I just learned to leave it there. If they're strong enough to put it on their face, I think they're strong enough to remove it as well. :)

Just wanted to let you know that I think Claire is a total cutie!!! :) Enjoy!!!

Unknown said...

My son did and still does the same thing. Every single time I'd take his blanket off his face, he'd put it right back there. Now that he's a little older (he turns 2 next month) I don't stress as much about it .. but it drove me nuts and scared me when he was super little.

Diana Albright said...

lol... that Claire, she's so cute! I gave Ezri a little purse that she can carry around and she has taken to pulling it over her head for naptime.

irishgirl said...
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Suzette said...

Anyone who leaves you a nasty comment probably doesn't have kids and if they do, they should worry about their own parenting! Never feel like you need to explain yourself on YOUR blog. You and your husband love your daughter more than anyone in the world--you aren't going to let anything happen to her that you can prevent. How you parent is no one else's business!!! (I have a 12 year old and I try not to judge anyone else's parenting. Am I perfect? NO WAY!)