Tuesday, October 12, 2010

twin bedroom

I wish I had more photos of this room because it was, well, interesting when we first bought the house. There was a scene painted in the room: grass and trees and clouds. And then there was the dollhouse opposite the gunrack.

It is a very small room with an even smaller closet, so I think the previous owners used it more as a playroom than a bedroom.

We decided it would be the perfect place for a twin bed. Actually, I plan to buy another bed just like this and put my extra mattress/box springs on it and have 2 beds in this room. But for now, this is how it looks.

Quilt Pattern & Fabric: Denyse Schmidt, Katie Jump Rope
Roman Shade: Pottery Barn Ribbon Tie Curtain (although you can't really see it here)
Rug: Unknown
Cedar Chest: Unknown. Mine from childhood. If I opened it, you would see some of my prized stuffed animals: Baby Smurfette, a Zucchini Ballerina, Anne of Green Gables, Bedtime CareBear, Pink Panther, just to name a few.
Bed: French Academie by Restoration Hardware
Pillows: Ticking by RUPiper Designs and Rooster Feedsack by Garnet Hill
I'm so proud of this quilt because I made it myself.

ENTIRELY by hand.

EVERY stitch.

And, the other thing I'm proud of is that I had never made a quilt before or been shown how to so this was a trial and error type of process. I followed the instructions from Denyse's Single Girl Quilt pattern and then watched a lot of YouTube videos for how to make a quilter's knot, how to do binding, and lots of others. So, this truly would not have been possible for me without those videos!

Books: Goodwill
Clock: Clockworks Universe
Poster: David Gray from Hatch, found at a flea market
Metal Clock Art: Jenni Bowlin
Chair: Pottery Barn Tolix Chair
Table: Antique Barn in Asheville, NC

Again, it's a small room, but I do love this space. Hope you enjoyed it, too!


*reyanna* said...

Oh, I love it!! I love the vintage-child charm. :-) Will this be a guest room for a child? Or will it be a child's bedroom in the future? It's SO cute! And I need to go to Goodwill to find books more often! I don't seem to have luck in the vintage book department. We have a store called Half-Price Books that I go for those... but then they're more expensive. LOL.

As always, thanks for the inspiration! :-)

amy said...

sigh. your house is so beautiful. you decorate and style as amazingly well as you put together SC kits. thank you for sharing. would love a home tour, except KY is a bit far from OR. :) (can you come redo my 15 year old house?) amymerry on SC

Nicole said...

hey, i recognize that room!! :)