Monday, October 4, 2010

guest bedroom & bathroom

For the guest room itself, we didn't make any drastic changes. But, you'll notice in the photos below that the original room didn't have a bathroom. Instead it had a dormer window that created a long, skinny space that was just awkward and unusable.

The room itself was fairly large, and since we were inheriting a king bed from my parents who were downsizing, we decided this would be the room to put it in.

Have I mentioned before that this house was FULL. OF. STUFF.

Now, to the after photos.

Bedroom Furniture: Storehouse, now bankrupt and gone.
Quilt: Pottery Barn Outlet, no longer available.
Yellow Quilted Shams: Pottery Barn from 10 years ago.
Yellow Patterned Shams: Pottery Barn Outlet, no longer available
White Shams: Pottery Barn Outlet, no longer available.
Orange Pillows: LaZBoy Furniture store. They were on my sofa at the last house.

Now, don't you like the lighter walls compared to the navy blue?

Frames: Target from ages ago.

These were hanging in the stairway at my last house and all 6 had photos of Addy & Jett. I wanted to modify that for the guest room, so I took out all but one each of the dogs and added torn-out pages from an old catalog. Then, on one I stamped a "2" in orange Heidi Swapp paint in pumpkin (remember that stuff?) using a wooden stamp block that I had sitting in my scrapbook room as decor. On another I added some yellow starbursts with regular acrylic paint, the cheapy stuff. This project from conception to finality took about 15 minutes. It was the one epiphany I had while pregnant.

Lamps: LaZBoy. My friend who worked there got these cost + 20%, otherwise I never would have paid what they were asking for them. Do you know how crazy the mark-up is at furniture stores? oh my.

Bench: Haverty's. This was in the entry way at my last house.

I'm still not 100% thrilled with this room. I need some artwork above the bed and I'm thinking of folding some throws/quilts on the bench. What do you think?

The door on the right is where the original dormer was. We moved the closet door to the left to allow room for the toilet which sits behind the photo wall.

Bamboo Shades: Lowe's
Curtain Rod: Lowe's
Linen Curtains: West Elm (on sale)
Jars: Storehouse, now out of business.

Now, onto the bathroom.

Shower Curtain: Pottery Barn
Bath Mat: Crate & Barrel, which I love but you can barely see in this photo.
Bath Cabinet: Pottery Barn Seville Sink Console

Jars: Restoration Hardware
Bowl: From our trip to Jerusalem. It's made from Olive wood.
Mirror: Found in Paducah, KY for about $5.
Lighting: Schoolhouse Electric
Hand Towel: Pottery Barn Ticking Stripe
Towel Bar: Delta at Lowe's

Let me know your opinion on the bench and what I should do with it....


laura vegas said...

i am just loving seeing the photos of your house! it's gorgeous, and i love your decorating style! i think some throw blankets would look great piled on the bench :)

TracyGirls(Jill) said...

I can't wait to see more! We too, just remodeled a house and moved, so it is so fun to see all you have done! I would put some wicker baskets under the bench with blankets and then maybe a throw or quilt draped over one end of the bench. That way guests would have extra covers if needed.

Sabrina said...

I think it looks fantastic.. and that bench needs a couple of baskets under it. One for a folded throw, and the other for some magazines/books. Throw for chilly evenings in bed, books for extended potty breaks.

Sabrina said...
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Debbie said...

i love quilts. i have at least 1 in every room. and i DO know the mark-up on furniture. so lucky i get it at cost. thanks to my dear FIL and hubs Grandpa who both work/retired from a furniture store. =) i do find it harder though, cause he won't let me buy anything if it's not made well, even if i like it. hehe

sarah said...

so nice pillows. and I liked also carpets. I am, sarah, fan of all good decorating ideas :) thanks for these

april said...

love your ideas! you're right, baskets would be perfect!!!! I have one i know will work and need to buy a matching one and then I'll bet set.

flo said...

wow, sounds like we all had the same notion of baskets under that bench. i think artwork over the bed would help too. have you thought about maybe a rug under the bed?

Anonymous said...

wonderful! simply wonderful :) ... and FYI, I had bamboo shades in my old house. they are very see-through from outside. but you are in the country ;)

Elizabeth said...

I've got a question for your April. I don't know if you posted this or not but I haven't read it as of yet.

Can you tell us about all the stuff the house had when you got it? Does this mean that the house came with a bunch of stuff? If so, what did you do with it all?

Elizabeth said...

Ah! I found it! I dug deep in your past posts and found out about it! :)

april said...

Glad you found it Elizabeth. I should post what we did keep out of the house because it would be a VERY short list indeed :)

Barb said...

Glad someone else said baskets for on the bench. That is just what I was thinking.

*reyanna* said...

I like the idea of blankets/quilts/throws folded on the bench, but then I was thinking... if I were staying in that room as a guest, what would I want? I think keeping the bench free and clear may be another option, so guests can stack their bags, suitcases, etc there instead. I think a basket or two underneath the bench... with blankets/throws either folded or kind of coming out just a bit a la Pottery Barn catalog shoot ;-) would look nice!

All the rooms look gorgeous! I'm so jealous that you have such an eye for decor!

april said...

the baskets I thought would work, didn't fit, so i'm on the hunt....

Linh Changaris said...

April- I am so in love with your decor!! You have to share paint colors soon.

P.S. Was I the friend you were referring to from La-Z-Boy :)