Sunday, December 27, 2009

j & j

My cousins, Joseph and Joshua came to visit on Christmas day along with their parents. The plan was for the guys (minus my dad) to stay at the barn and the gals to stay at the apartment.

You see, holidays present a problem when you're living in a 2-bedroom apartment with your parents.

Holidays also present a problem when you're living out of boxes and don't know where your Christmas tree is.

Holidays present a problem when you're cooking for more than 2 people and using more than 2 pots or pans simultaneously.

Holidays also present a problem to your morning routine of getting a Diet Vanilla Dr. Pepper with extra ice from Sonic....(more on this later).

But one thing about holidays is that they're WAY more fun with kiddos around.


You get to teach them tricks like this.

(rolling a quarter down his nose)

(watching where it falls)

(realizing you've just been had)

Kids get so excited when they open gifts. Like when they opened their gift cards to Toys-R-Us and were more excited by the picture of the gorilla and turtle on the card than the amount on the card.

Or, when you hide cash inside a book or transformer box, they go nuts!

But mostly, the holidays are special not because of what you eat or what you get, but for who you spend them with.

Happy Holidays!


Karen said...

so, so very true! glad you had a good one.

lisa truesdell said...

dying over the quarter trick. and thinking matthew will probably be pulling that on the boys soon.

so glad you had a wonderful holiday!!

Kimberly said...

You said it! It is about the warm body of people special in ones life that make CHRISTMAS WONDERFUL! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Give my blessings to your Parents and of course, Greg.

BTW, thank you for the wonderful corn bread muffins and the vegetable soup. WE ALL LOVED IT!

*reyanna* said...

Fun! I agree! Holidays with kids is SO fun! I hate that I couldn't see my nieces and nephews for Christmas. Hopefully, I'll be able to visit them this year. :)

And that quarter trick! HA! You meanie! :-p