Sunday, November 29, 2009

typical greg moment #584 - Lost Rolls of Stamps

I asked Greg to get a roll of stamps at the post office.

He came back with FOUR rolls around his fingers as rings.

Greg: I've got stamps!!!!

Me: FOUR ROLLS?!?! I only asked for one!!!

Greg: It's not like we won't use them.

At this point, I had done the math and figured out it was $176 in stamps. It goes against the very core of my being to spend more money on something than is necessary at the time. And, it goes against the core of my core to give more money to a government organization than is necessary at any time.

The next day, I had a few things to mail and I walked over to the stamp drawer to find this:

No stamps.

Not only were there no stamps, there was not even one roll of the four.

I immediately called Greg and asked him where the stamps were.

Greg: They're in the stamp drawer.

Me: No they're not.

Greg: Yes they are.

Me: Do you want me to send you a picture? Where did you put them?

Greg: Check your desk drawer

Me: Nope.

Greg: Check the container on my desk.

(no judging here. he absolutely loves his barn-door-on-sawhorses-rigged-desk.)

(but you can judge the Ironmind egg-shaped hand-exerciser thingie. I judge him constantly for that and it doesn't seem to bother him.)

Me: Nope not there either. I'll look around.

The following 23 minutes were spent turning the place upside down looking for the stamps.
I know it doesn't seem like a long time, but if you've ever fervently searched for something, you know 23 minutes is a long time.

Still there were no stamps to be found.

My envelopes would have to wait. I was not about to go buy another roll of stamps when I knew there were 4 somewhere.

That night, I pestered Greg until he went through all his pants pockets, and all his jacket pockets, and his backpack, and even his carhart vest pocket (his new favorite outerwear....he even tried to wear it to the movies the other night and I strongly prohibited it. Just because we have a farm doesn't mean we have to dress like it.)

Still no stamps.

The next day, I searched again. I searched high and low and even commissioned some help from Lorie.

Still no stamps.

I asked Greg to retrace his steps.

Me: Greg, you walked in and said, "I have stamps!!!!" Then I said, "FOUR ROLLS?!?!?! I only asked for one!!!" Then, what did you do next?

Greg: With me, there's no telling. (the understatement of the year)

Me: Greg, it's $200 in stamps (okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not far off). Think please.

Greg: I can't.

Me: What do you mean you can't? You can't remember what you do each day? Just forget it.

Time passes that day and still no stamps.

Then, I walk upstairs and see this:

It may look like two baskets in a chair to you, but to me a beacon from heaven was shining upon it.

At that moment, I remembered the same day Greg bought the stamps, he went up to the house to get the baskets out so they wouldn't become dusty when the wood floors were sanded.

And they promptly went back to where they belonged.

And, the world was restored to order.


Nicole said...

LOL! :) {okay, i can only laugh because the stamps were found. there would be no laughing if they were still missing ;) :)}

Ally said...

TGM's make the best stories. Seriously.

Kimberly said...

I am so happy you found them. You are like me....some things are hard to let go of and chalk it up as "gone." Happy you found them...

Sasha Farina said...

what an adventure :) LOL.

Unknown said...

Now that's a good story! It would have bothered me, too. Thanks again for the talk yesterday!

Davinie Fiero said...

Well aren't you witty on a Monday morning. Love the story and the photos. Seems you should get a label gun and stick something to his forehead so Mr G doesn't forget where to go after work each night.

Angela W said...

OMG! I wouldn't turned things upside down too! Glad you found them!

joanna said...

I just have to ask, are they "forever" stamps? I won't buy anything but "forever" because we inevitably don't use them before the rate goes up.

Anna Sigga said...


Men!! - we love them but sometimes they manage to create too many weird ways to make life a bit too interesting. Even irritating at times! LOL!

Jenn A. said...

Oh, I am terrible about leaving things everywhere, too. Every Greg needs and April to help him out. :)

This post made me laugh out loud!

Stephanie said...

Why, oh why do men do these things?

amy said...

omigosh....that is so funny. but really, i think i have something similar - i lose and misplace things ALL THE TIME. Tell greg it's okay...LOL! glad you have those expensive stamps! ;0

Elisa said...

That's so funny, I love it!

And what are you doing here blogging. Why aren't you writting 4-rolls-of-stamp worth of letters instead? :-)

Joaniebolognie said...

ROFL!!!! I know it wasn't funny for you BUT girl you can tell a funny story! And I can't believe I have missed all 583 other "Typical Greg Moments"!!!

Kimmi said...

Haha. That SO sounds just like my hubby... with the Carhart jacket and ALL!! LOL!

*reyanna* said...

Ohmigoodness... this story could have been about Jeremy and me. Seriously. Your "typical Greg moments" remind me EXACTLY of Jeremy! LOL. SO funny! SO glad you found your stamps. And yeah, I would have been kinda miffed at that price too! LOL.

Houston said...

I love TGM stories!

Laura Fiore said...

LOL! Glad you put it all together!!!

Lulu said...

lol... I love your Greg moments :)

Mia C. said...

OMG! That's absolutely hilarious! Although I'd probably forget where I put them too! LOL! Love those TGMs!

Carrie K said...

I dont know whats funnier in this or him :)

haaahaaahaa...and i love the photo illustrations!

Joy Madison said...

precious gregg :D I love that dude!