Saturday, November 28, 2009

thanksgiving can be fun and scary

When I first arrived in Paducah for Thanksgiving at Greg's grandparents, I saw this on the table.

And, I felt like I was here:

I was a little worried.....

But, it turned out just fine. A few minutes later, the squash casserole, turkey, potatoes, and dressing emerged from the oven and we ate at this table.

No, wait.

Greg and I didn't eat at that table. That was the grown-up table.

We ate at the kid table, then we had to work off our dinner:

Yes, that's Greg in an apron and it took him exactly an hour to do all the dishes.

His grandparents have a dishwasher, but they never have used it.

Such strange people they are.

But, it gave me the opportunity to show what a wonderful husband I have.

Ladies, I have proof. So, you may say you have the best husband, but my picture says it all.

While we cleaned, the grown-ups visited in the living room (sorry for all the wonky angles of my photos, it was a tiny dark room so I had to use my 50mm 1.4 to get good light)

Then, we opened gifts. Well, not us. Greg's grandparents, but Greg found this book particularly amusing.

He already wants me to be the Pioneer Woman, so I'm getting a little worried.....

And Ted Turner showed us his wood-burning skillz. (Don't you think it's funny when a real person has the name of a celebrity?)

He has mad skillz :)

We were all impressed because in all the years we've know him, we thought all he did was pheasant-hunt. Who knew?

And of course everyone (but me) had photos to show. So we oooohed and ahhhhed at them.

And, the only photo taken of me the whole day was this one. Just to prove I was there.

And to prove that although Greg is a wonderful husband, I am a wonderful wife, albeit not the Pioneer Woman.


Rachelle Christensen said...

Love this! My hubby does dishes too--he's a keeper. I found you from Kelly's blog. Congrats on your new line!

Joaniebolognie said...

Not use the dishwasher???? I couldn't live without mine!

Kimberly said...

Terrific post. Just to let you know...while I dropped off my Little Red Riding Hood basket to your parents on Turkey DH had all the dishes cleaned and the dishwasher running by the time I returned. We are LUCKY LUCKY ladies for sure.

lisa truesdell said...

the dishwasher thing made me giggle - matthew's grandparent's dishwasher broke looooooooooong before i met him, and they never fixed / replaced it. and whenever anyone mentioned it, his grandpa would say "my dishwasher works just fine!" and point at his wife. aaaah, chivalry. LOL. happy thanksgiving!!

Davinie Fiero said...

LOL! I love the Jeff Probst photo. Silly girl.
I was at the inlaws for Turkey Day and there I vowed to host it soon. They do NOT do the trimmings as I want them, lol. They can bring the sweet potatoes because I don't like those. I'll do the rest.
I'm glad you had fun PW!

casey boyd said...

I'm cracking up April, the okra photo is so funny, I think I had similar thoughts the first time I saw it appear on a table combined with food. The photo analogy with Probst is hilarious!

*reyanna* said...

Jeremy's parents NEVER use their dishwasher. Okay, they do... but they use it as a drying rack! LOL.

And that Amish Peace book looks SO interesting! I'm so fascinated by the Amish. I honestly think I would LOVE that lifestyle. :-) I have lots of books about them, and that one seems like it should be in my collection. I'm adding it to my list! ;-)

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Houston said...

Don't worry April, PW has nothing on your amazing scrapping skills!