Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the cows came home

Apparently, we officially have a farm.

In all, we have:
  • 10 cows (a "cow" is female has had a least one calf, and a heifer is a female cow that's a virgin....heehee)
  • 1 heifer
  • 3 calves
  • 1 bull
For a grand total of 15!!! They are the cutest 15 cows you've ever seen and I have pictures to prove it.

heehee....I caught this one with her mouth full.

Oh, I forgot to mention, 7 are with-calf (aka pregnant).

After reading this story, you'll know that I'm officially married to a cowboy.

Dad and Greg went to the country to work the cows. Before today, I had no idea what "working the cows" meant. It means that they get tagged (aka: have their ears pierced with mismatching earrings), vaccinated, and treated for things like pink-eye.

First, they had to get the cows in from the field and into the trailer. The problem was, they couldn't get the trailer close enough to the ground, so the cows had to sort of jump into the trailer. Most of the cows did this just fine, and one did it a little too well, because we were only going to get 14 total, but a heifer jumped in and so we bought her as well.

So, after the cows and one of the calves were in the trailer, there were 2 feisty calves that wouldn't get in. One of the guys there, picked one up and Greg picked up the other (he says he held it like a bull-dog or something like that, whatever that means) and carried it across the corral to the trailer. While he was carrying it (and if you're squemish, just skip this next sentence), it pooped all over his arm. ALL OVER IT.

That's what I'll henceforth be referring to as Greg's annointing. He is now officially a cowboy. And, I'm sure that's not the last of our farm stories to tell.
See, there's still a lot of work to do at the farm as witnessed by the nasty fence. Something tells me that when I learned from Maggie's photography class to add texture to photos, she didn't have mold in mind....


Houston said...

EEEEEEWWWWW, that is just nasty, poor guy, but yes I think that makes him an official cowboy! That lower shot of him in the SC tee at the fence is a riot... from cheerleader to cowboy, who knew!

Vanessa said...

LOVE that he is wearing an SC shirt. cute pic!

Hannah said...'re living my dream...I would love to have a farm, and experience your daily adventures! Love hearing your stories!

Karen said...

Love the sc tee...great story! One for posterity!

Lauren said...

So do you now understand the expression "it's raining harder then a cow peeing on a flat rock??" lol... the first time i heard that sound it freaked me out! and my hubby just laughed and laughed (he grew up on the country)

Carrie K said...

haaahaaahaa...your cow pictures totally remind me of her

she loves taking pictures of cows too :)

love the picture of cowboy greg in the SC