Thursday, April 30, 2009

coupla things

Been working on these for the homemade embellishment swap over at Studio Calico. Thanks to Erin for coordinating the effort, it's been fun so far, and I have a feeling the best part is yet to come when I see what fabulousness my swap partners have come up with.

Also, I went to this last weekend. It was a fun-filled night of whodunnit and a silent auction of lots of cool goodies (including some Studio Calico kits) to benefit VSA of Kentucky.

Stephen and Hannah went with us and although we didn't guess whodunnit (we did guess the poison and the method of administering the poison, though), we had a great time and all agreed we'd make it an annual event to attend.

Greg and I bid on 2 items at the silent auction, but in the end, we were out-bid :(
One, was an awesome gift basket from NotionFarm.
The other, which was the item I really really wanted, was a necklace made with a vintage poker chip by Jessica Snodgrass, the community coordinator that helped so much with the Murder Mystery event. She's super-talented and happens to be a subscriber to Studio Calico kits.

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Kimberly said...

I so wish I was doing the swap and you were mine...because I LOVE those buttons...and I LOVE how you made a little package for them CLEVAH! xoxo