Friday, August 8, 2008

an action winner + opening ceremonies

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One of my favorite times...the Olympics. As kids, my sister and I never watched TV. Rarely would we even watch 30 min of Sesame Street, but during the Olympics, we would watch for hours. We even thought we were gymnasts and would practice our "skills" on the deck railing. I'll see if I can dig up a picture of that for ya.

Anyway, for our 16th birthday, my parents got us tickets to see this. I will never forget it. Because of that, I have grown to realize that life isn't about an accumulation of possessions, but an accumulation of memories. Love them for that!

So, naturally, I watched this tonight. I must say (setting political/anti-communism views aside) I really enjoyed the opening ceremonies. They said there were 15,000 individual performers and let me tell you, they were at the top of their game tonight. I especially loved the martial artists below. Perfect circle and each move, perfectly in sync.

As I've said before, I'm not an emotional person, but when you see an athlete on top of the podium listening to their national anthem after years and years of struggle to get their, I can't help but tear up (shhhhhhhh, don't tell Greg, I do have a slightly soft side :)


Sweet Peripety said...

What a neat memory for you! I missed mostly everything last night!

Elisabeth said...

I totally hear you about the emotional side of it, I shed tears every olympics!

Sharie said...

Those award podium ceremonies get me every time, too. So cool that you were able to go the Olympics once!

vtpuggirl said...

I love the Olympics too, esp the gymnastics and ice skating.

Christie Wildes said...

So awesome that you were there for that!! I would have loved it. :)
As a matter of fact, dh and I are talking about taking the kids and going to the 2012 games in London!!! I am so excited.
The Olympics are the pinnacle of all things patriotic and I just love it!!