Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3 months - we made it!

I find it so amazing how my love of my children just grows and grows every day, and as I get to know them better.  I'm sure it'll plateau at some point (maybe in those teenage years), but for now, I'm happy with the sleepless nights, full arms, and love beyond measure.

At 3 months Cal:
  • Is so much less fussy (not exactly an easy baby, but less a difficult one)
  • Still bows his back like you wouldn't believe
  • Is strong and can jump out of your arms really easily!
  • Loves the bumbo seat
  • Coos and smiles at his carseat toys (so SUPER cute)
  • Loves to blow bubbles (shown below)

At 3 months, Sam:
  • Still has gorgeous HUGE blue eyes.  At birth we said maybe he'd grow into them and he's beginning to, but they're still so beautiful and big.
  • Is such a happy baby.  He smiles constantly and loves interaction.
  • Is an insanely messy eater.  Oh my.  Make sure you have a burp cloth or two or 3 if you feed him a bottle.
  • Loves taking baths.
  • Is so content in the swing sometimes I forget he's there.  Just sometimes.

Love these 2!


lisa truesdell said...

they look sooooo strikingly different. love them. =)

Anya said...

Both of them are so adorable! They look just as much alike like my husband and his twin brother did :) Have a three month old baby at home myself and can relate to this post a lot:)

*reyanna* said...

WOW! They are SOOOO adorable, April! I was just thinking, "Hey, I'm outta the loop and haven't seen updated photos of Cal and Sam! I need to get to April's blog!" Hee hee.

They are so precious. Love them! :-)

p.s. With Sam's eyes... he looks SOOOO much like Hattie at that age! WOW! I still am wondering if she'll "grow into" her eyes. Hee hee. But we *still* get stopped EVERY.WHERE.WE.GO. ... by EVERY.PERSON.WE.PASS. LOL. I'm so not complaining about that. I, too, think she's too beautiful to not get a second look... ;-)

Sparklin said...


Anonymous said...

They are sooooooo adorable!!!! My grandaughter was like that, she had huge eyes and is 4 and has grown into them :-)

Zorina said...

OMG, they are so stinkin' cute!! I love seeing their photos ( and Claire's of course) on Instagram, too. I'm so glad you are enjoying to the max, Mama. We are in the process for baby#2 as Little H is growing up so fast...we miss her being a baby. Time flies, right?
Hugs to all of you.

mandy said...

so adorable!!!

Valerie Bishop said...

Oh those cheeks!! I could just eat them up!! At least squish them!! What sweet sweet boys!!

Kimberly said...

I hope I can meet them real soon.

Mrs Frizz said...

totally delightful ... awesome to read an update ... have been wondering how you were getting on ... and little Miss C ... how is she interacting with her little brothers.