Monday, November 28, 2011

Claire's Smash Book

For Claire's birthday, I chose the pink Smash journal. The idea was to set up a photo-booth with props and take photos all night of the guests at her party. Then, I printed them with the Instax Pivi Printer (only available on ebay and Amy Tan has a MUCH better post about this that I do if you want more information). After printing the photos, the guests used washi tape (blue, orange, plus others from my stash), photo corners, post-its (Calico, Memoir, Autumn Press), and some old stamps I had to decorate their page and write a note to Claire. Since I didn't buy Claire anything memorable for her birthday, I wanted to be able to give her something she could look back on and appreciate.

I also thought this was a fun party activity since so many people were invited of all different ages. I was right! Lots of the 9-16 year olds wanted the Pivi printer or Instax camera and a smash book to make for their own. Also, I think this would be a great idea to do at a tween-teen birthday party. I'm telling you, they loved putting on the "costumes" and posing for a photo. Even the guys enjoyed decorating a page...I was shocked!

Below are just a sampling of some of the pages.

My cousin Joseph from Tennessee. He was about 6 months old when Greg and I were married. I was so happy he and his family could come to Claire's party!

The note says it all :)

You may not be able to read the chicken scratch, but her Papa says Claire's the most beautiful baby. He might have to amend that statement in a few months :)

Also in her book, I included these items:
  • Party Invitation
  • Thank You note
  • List of gifts

And, who knows, I may continue to add to it!


dalijablog said...

Such a great present this book for Claire. Love this idea! Toys are just 5 min wonder and this is something that will last forever! And those photos, so fun! ;)

Barb said...

Love this, April.
It looks like Claire's guests loved it, too.

Keshet said...

Love this, April! Such a fun idea!

Jill said...

This is a fabulous idea! Never think of one book being for one event like this. It will be precious for C. in the years to come. (And you now are committed to do it for all future babies :)

curlyqmosaics said...

What a precious idea to commemorate her birthday! I am a huge fan of the instax photos, the colorful tapes and of course the smash books. I know she will covet this book forever. :)

Dawn said...

Love this idea! It sounds pretty quick + easy which is exactly what I'll need when my youngest turns 1 in September (I know, long way away) but we'll be out of town for my brother's wedding the same weekend... this will travel well!! Thanks for the inspiration.

And who's having a baby in a few months???

Christina said...

love this!! What a keepsake for her.