Saturday, August 13, 2011

8 & 9 months

I've been a terrible blogger, and I admit it. Life sometimes gets in the way, you know.

To catch you up, I've been immersed in work since CHA and trying to squeeze every ounce of Claire-time in between her naps and my crazy schedule.

So, here she is at 8 months....

Love those gums!

At 8 months, I did take notes so I wouldn't forget, Claire is:
  • crawling EVERYWHERE! She's fast and scaring her mommy. It doesn't phase her daddy though....3 steps, no problem. He says "she's got it." uhhhh....sometimes you do, but sometimes you don't.
  • Pulling up on anything you can get your hands on. Knobs are your favorite.
  • completely toothless
  • gags on baby-food with a thick consistency, we've been working on this.
  • clicking her tongue. She's pretty much a one-trick-pony, but it's a cute trick and everyone loves it.
  • loving the rocking-horse her Grammy and Papa got her for Christmas. It gallops, which sounds like a clicking noise and that makes her happy (and bouncy).
  • wiggling her bottom when she hears music.
  • loving water. She went swimming at Christine's and I've never heard so much squealing or seen so much kicking. She'll be a natural, I'm sure of it.

Onto 9 month photos.

My favorite photo right now. And, my favorite outfit of hers despite the cleavage when crawling.

Crawling is no longer fun anymore, she's all about climbing. She probably goes up and over the shelf under the kitchen table about 25 times each day. We climb the stairs about 15 times. Then, she has foam blocks that are constantly being climbed on. Claire's life is about climbing (and dangerous situations) now.

Oh, and all about soft stuffed animals. We now have 5 favorites:
  • a tiny lamb that "baaaa's", which originally was white, but after Claire has mopped the floor with it, it's more of a gray, dingy shade.
  • a monkey, which she's holding here. Some friends of ours got this for her last week and she loves his long tail and big eyes. I specified they not get her anything white and they complied.
  • a black bear. From the same friends, after visiting the Smoky Mountains.
  • Minnie Mouse -the pookalooz version, which she's liked since she was born.
  • ugly doll - not sure the brand, but it's got long arms and legs with different fabrics on it.
Still climbing.

And still toothless.

Reading lots and lots.
She's loves looking at this book about Daniel. It's foam and has some puzzle pieces in it. One is a lion and sometimes mommy makes it jump out and get her, which causes her to fall into a fit of giggles.

Some more facts about 9 months:
  • Definitely knows what "no" means, but doesn't always comply. Working on that one.
  • Still gags with foods, but loves the Gerber puffy things.
  • Has her pincer grasp almost mastered.
  • Waves bye-bye most of the time.
  • Has pooped in the tub twice in the last week. It's a good thing daddy has been here to help with that.
  • Almost always sits quietly through worship service, either sleeping (Sunday morning) or looking at books (Sunday night & Wednesday night. I take 5 each time and rotate about once every other week).
  • Loves Bible class. LOVES it! She's learning about Daniel now, and next week will start Baby Jesus.
  • Going to restaurants is still a toss-up of whether mommy will get to enjoy her meal or not. But, now that mommy has learned about these Gerber puff thingies, I have an idea, we'll be on the upswing there.
  • Pushes anything and everything around to "walk" where she wants to go. Sometimes it's her basket of toys, a laundry basket, her drum, or her highchair.
  • Is getting brave at releasing while standing. Not often, but she'll stand for 3-5 seconds, but she definitely lets go and lunges.
  • Loves riding in the side-by-side with her Papa. It's her favorite end-of-day activity.

I promise to be a better blogger, now that I've caught up :)


mandyb said...

yip those toddlers years are adventurerous ones....full on trying to sort out the world!!!! and their place in it!!!!
think rubber edges for tables and edges and the odd mat here and there!!! wont be the first bumps they get in life!!!

Gina said...

Oh my, could this baby girl be any cuter?! I think not!! I love reading what she's doing. I miss this stage so. Having a baby in the house...oh, I ache for that again. She sounds like she's got some of the same genes as each of my kiddos - they were all climbing before they could walk. That can be scary for The Momma!! It sounds like this little toot will be walking before she's one!! Oh. Fun!!!

Kelly Goree Photography said...

Get that girl to me now, mkay? I need to smooch on her ! Lunch soon?

Lisa said...

She is simply too cute!! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

She is just gorgeous, April! I need you to share some of your sleeping secrets. I remember you saying that you worked hard to get her to sleep through the night. Both my kids were horrid sleepers, and with this one coming soon, I'm going to need all the help I can get!

nailgirl said...

my, oh my! claire is soooooo cute!! i love those eyes! i think it's great that you're writing down things she likes at each age. i forgot to do this and it sure is hard to go back and try to remember all the details years later, lol!!

April said...

I get caught in the SAME slump. It's okay, happens to us all. :) By the way, my name is April too! Take care and good luck.

dalijablog said...

She's just adorable! Love her hair band! My little boy Henry is 8.5 months, so he's the same. No toys - just let him stand, climb and crawl!

Mrs Frizz said...

oh wow she's a delightful wee munchkin ... simply adorable and growing ... she's growing far too quickly.

nicole said...

glad you updated! she is such a cutie

Tina said...

baby cleavage...classic.
not sure if you've ever seen those mesh bags at Target but I always carry one with either melon, mango or peaches and let Tyler eat on that while we're at a resturant. he loves it.

Stephanie Eaken said...

She is precious!! Enjoy all the fun!

Renee V said...

Awwww! She's so beautiful! I used to be so good at documenting the months when my daughter was 0-2 yrs. Now that she's 4, I'm lucky if I remember to do it every 4-5 months..I'm slipping!

TNChick said...

The puffy things are lifesavers. They have them at Walmart and Target too, I have them everywhere :-)

Chris Dodaj said...

She is aaaaDORAble, April!
I've been stalking your blog for Claire updates!
I had 2 baldy blue eyed babies, they are by far the cutest!
Thanks for sharing!!

suzyplant said...

Oh my gosh, she just gets more and more beautiful!!!

Melinda said...

How precious! I love the pieced look you did on the layout!

Kimba's Kreations said...

Can she be ANY CUTER!!!! She is adorable!!! I love it when they are that age...exploring and learning all sorts of new stuff! Continue to enjoy her b/c before you know it she'll be asking for a cell phone!!!...LOL!

PrinzessinN said...

She is so cute!