Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7 months

I almost forgot it was Claire's 7 month birthday earlier this week. It seems that this month has gone by faster than any other. She's so active and I really love this age.

She's almost at a crawl. She can scoot wherever she wants to go. She can sit and pull up, actually she pulled to standing at 7 months 1 day. I'd say she's pretty mobile, but I'm still quicker!

She is definitely preferring her mommy and has started crying when others try to take her from me. Of course her Grammy & Aunt Lorie are the exception to that rule. I secretly love that she does that. Makes me feel like an official mommy.

She eats just about anything, but peas are still a "no" in her book.

She loves reading and turning pages.

When she's crying, I sing almost anything and it makes her happy. Usually "The Green Grass" song wins out because I know all the words. Her daddy on the other hand usually goes with U2.

She got her ears pierced last week at the doctor's office. She was cute before and is still cute after.

She went swimming for the first time and LOVED it. That word is capitalized for a reason. She kicked and splashed and cackled. Then she came home and slept for 3.5 hours.

She is learning to wave "bye" and her personality has totally taken over my heart.

We certainly got our money's worth with her.

And, just a small peek at the July main kit MIND THE GAP and the PETROL add-on.
This is my favorite layout I've made in a while. Can't wait to share the full version on the 28th!


justem said...

The Green Grass song! (green grass grows all around, all around...??) I haven't thought about that song in years! I can't believe she is 7 months old already. Are you bringing her to CHA this summer?

caroline hancock / Scrappercaz said...

wow she is getting cuter and cuter. I was nine months when i had my ears pierced, by my mum ( she was a hairdresser and she did this too) Gary wownt let Lucy get hers done yet :(
loving the sneak, soooo yummy and pink

mandyb said...

cute pics...cant believe she is 7 months already!!!
and as for the sneek peeks...love them...but still waiting for last months kit though!!! come on courier man!!!
is like waiting for christmas!!!

Mrs Frizz said...

and she is a gorgeous wee cutie patootie, but I've already told you that before ... but wow, 7 months ... that really has gone far too quickly.

Barb said...

Happy seven months to Miss Claire!

april said...

em, i toyed with the idea of bringing her, but in the end we decided she'll stay with my mom that week. I am going to miss her soooooooooooo much and will be sad every day I'm sure. But, it was just too much to ask her to come since I'd get an hour tops with her each day.

why do these decisions have to be so hard? ack!

Marti said...

My daughter is definitely a Mama's girl and yes, secretly, I like it, too! Loving your sneak- I can see that I am going to love this kit, too!