Tuesday, May 31, 2011

sitter & a crazy night

Overnight Claire learned to sit-up.

Seriously it was like a light bulb switched on in her brain and it all made sense. In a matter of minutes she went from sitting for 3 seconds to sitting for 3 minutes. And later that day she sat for 15 minutes straight!

I love this stage because she's so happy. She can scoot on her belly and sit up and look at things and still not move too quickly for me to be worried about her getting into something if I'm not looking for a milli-second.

Oh, and this tongue thing is new, too.
This I don't like so much, but oh well.

And as for the crazy night, I don't have a photo of it, thankfully.

Last night, Greg awoke to me saying, "Ah!!!! Something was on my neck and I flicked it onto you!" (accidentally of course, but it was my reflex none-the-less)

(we both scurry to get our glasses because we're blind as bats without them)

"I think it was a spider, it was definitely not a tick (which is the insect which usually finds it's way into our bed....). It stuck to my fingers and I had to flick it."

(Greg is loving this explanation)

We finally spot it on the quilt and it was not a spider.....what was it, you ask?

a CENTIPEDE (which at first I called a caterpillar, but it was 1:15am). It was 4 inches long, black, with tiny little legs.

It was dead still, so Greg left to get a paper to pick it up with. As soon as he left, that thing took off like a lightning bolt. I had no idea it could move so quickly, but Greg was nimble and caught him and threw him in the toilet, where all nasty little insects go.

Immediately, Greg went back to sleep and started sawing logs. Meanwhile, I was on my iPhone googling "centipedes" and learning all about them. At that point, I got nervous because they live in colonies, and I thought our bed might have become such. So, I wake Greg back up and make him get up so we can strip the bed and look everywhere for a colony. Poor guy, but if I hadn't done it, I would've been awake all night with the heebee jeebies, thinking bugs were crawling on me.

No colony and not a house centipede after my extensive research and investigation, so it looks like we're in the clear. Whew!


AllyW said...

A centipede!! I would have had a heart attack! Adorable pictures!! The tongue thing...kinda cute i think :) Makes me smile.

mandyb said...

ewwww i am a kindergarten and are quite FINE with bugs...just NOT on me!!! eeeekkk!!!

as for the tongue thing....quite normal...she is slowly working out she can control it, and that is is actually attched to her!!! *actually get her a mirror down low...so you can see herself in action too....all part of the journey of what her body can do!!**
also think of it (at this age) as another sense....hence why everything is going into her mouth!!! it is telling her as much info as ears and eyes at the mo!!!!
in no time she will move on and the tongue will be tucked away!!! (i think those pics are cute!!!)

*reyanna* said...

Yay for sitting! That is so cool! Aww... she's growing up so fast! :-)

And CRAZINESS with the centipede. FOUR inches??!? I don't usually freak out at bugs (I love spiders... really, I do!), but I would have screamed at the sight of that centipede. LOL. ACK!

Barb said...

We have those centipedes, April. They are horrible. Every time I see one I cannot stop thinking about and feeling millions of tiny little legs crawling all over me.

Internet research about the creature just freaked me out even more! So, now we spray a bug killer around the outside of the house.


Anonymous said...

ok. that is a story i could have said myself :) heeehee. i would have been up ALL night too if i hadn't sent out a search party!

AND adorable pictures of sweet claire!

Toby and Valerie Durham said...

Oh, my goodness...I'm freaked out just reading that! I hate bugs in my house much less crawling on me in my sleep - that is like a nightmare come true! And to think I got freaked out by a salamander being in our house yesterday! Eek!

Mrs Frizz said...

Okay, I have to say ... I truly am sitting here giggling out loud ... OMG, I so would have done the same thing ... be searching the bed looking for any other little creepy crawlies ... ewwwwwwwwhhhhhh!!!

and little Miss C is looking all grown up ... love the tongue sticking out ... let me tell you something, you are going to see it more out and in photos like never before, for quite some time yet.

laurie lariviere said...

oh, hate those centipedes!! funny story though, I had one crawl across my desk the other day when working on a layout, my scrap space is in the basement, so I get the occasional visit from a bug here and there, I would freak if there were one in my bed!! Claire is just beautiful, I love the six month age too.

AnilĂș Magloire said...

Oh, Lawd! I would have jumped so far off that bed it's not even funny. Ewwww! I'm glad you found no colony of centipedes in the vicinity.
Claire is looking so pretty!

Keshet said...

Those photos are so absolutely adorable! Although centipedes in your bed in the middle of the night are less so:) I would NOT have been pleased!

Megan said...

How can she be sitting already? How time flies! She's beautiful. And your bug story is heeeeelarious. Sounds exactly like something I'd do. In fact, I have a similar spider story. LOL

Tina said...

omg..i'm laughing my butt off. i've got a mental picture of you two jumping out of bed. i would be freaked, especially having long hair. sigh. claire is just the most beautiful little girl. i personally love the tongue sticking out. but then again, i'm a lover of all things quirky.

Monica said...

Omg! I'm sitting in the dark browsing with my phone and I want so bad now to wake DH and make sure there are no bugs in the bed. I just need to remind myself we've never had more than an ant wander in. I so seriously want to look now or I might lay awake imagining I feel something crawling on me. Maybe I can use the light from my phone...