Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bath time = daddy time

We're settling into a nice routine around here which includes a night-time bath ritual.

Claire loves it.

"Love" may not adequately describe her passion for the bath. She could be screaming and we walk into the laundry room and she knows. The laundry-room sink is her perfect tub. Her little seat fits perfectly (this is the seat I referred to with the ugly motif in my FB post earlier this week, hence the reason these photos are in B&W).

Greg has taken over this duty to give me a 30 minute break and give him a fun activity to do with Claire. It's their daddy-daughter bonding time and it's hilarious most nights. Yes, they've had bubbles in the tub (you know which end), pee in the tub, LOTS of poo in the tub.

But most importantly, there's been fun in the tub. She loves splashing and relaxing and having water poured on her. Greg likes letting her float and spraying her with the faucet.

They have a big time, while I have a break...which usually entails folding clothes and stuffing diapers. But hey, I like getting my work done.

She's officially 2 months old today, so I'll have more photos to share later.


Marti said...

My word, April!! Claire is so beautiful! Love that she has that special time with Daddy! Our Daddy does bath time here, too and I always love hearing the giggles. Thank you for sharing those sweet pictures- aaah! baby toes!

Matt said...

From the headline...I was expecting completely different pictures. I prefer Claire! See you both soon!

Zorina said...

Daddy & Baby time rocks! So way to go, Mama April. Love, love monitoring your blog and checkin' out Baby C's cute pictures.
Happy 2nd month, sweet baby ---from your cyber friend Baby H.

justem said...

so cute!
and i'm w/you on the motif thing...everything is super ugly...or really, really expensive. ;)

Sasha Farina said...

she is getting so big already!!

Mrs Frizz said...

I was just thinking about you and your wee baby girl a couple of days ago and thinking to myself - two months has been and gone ... you enjoy every minute and I'm sure that you will enjoy listening to the squealing coming from the bath tub as well.

AmyInKy said...

Oh how I miss those days. My babies are 12 and 9 now. :(

Laura Evangeline said...

Great pictures! I can't wait to see the scrapbook pages!!!