Saturday, June 26, 2010

tour de grandmothers - round 3

I'm a little late posting this, but my week has been hectic to say the least. Barely enough time to eat and sleep, much less to blog.

My last stop in Texas was Houston, Deer Park, actually to see my adopted grandmother, Bertie. I probably anticipated this stop over any other because of the closeness I have with her. As a baby, I would be fussy for anyone else but her. She and her husband (PapaWes) became additional grandparents to me. Growing up, I saw no difference in the love I had for them versus my blood-relatives. Well, maybe I lied a little. Perhaps I loved them more because they spoiled me. PapaWes would take me to his garden to help pick okra, then I'd come inside and help Bertie fry it, eating raw okra covered in cornmeal while I waited. Bertie taught me how to cross-stitch and would allow me to spend hours going through her sewing supplies (zippers, ribbons, buttons). Later in the afternoon, PapaWes would treat me to an IBC root-beer that I'd eat with a spoon.

Yes, I was a confused child, but this was fun to me.

Anyway, while battling with infertility (not that it's over by any means), the subject of adoption obviously arose. It's my love for Bertie and PapaWes, who is now deceased, that never made me question if I was open to that option. I knew that blood didn't matter when love was involved. Sure there are more questions to answer, but my relationship with them proved to me that blood truly is irrelevant.

I could tell you more about my trip and visit, but I'll leave it at that for now.

So, here's some sneaks for the upcoming July kit:

Made using the main kit: CONTINENTAL. I also used Walnut Stain, Broken China, and Antique Linen distress inks.

Made using a combination of LaSalle, Lewis&Clark, and the main kit plus Blank Canvas Paint.

On most of my layouts, I use the American Crafts Precision Pen 03 to journal. It's just the right thickness for me.


Kimber-Leigh said...

sneaks are wonderful...and what a sweet story to share.

i too had (what my husband affectionately calls) "fake aunts". dear friends of my parents who were *almost* closer than blood relatives. those bonds are just as strong and special...and are why my children refer to my college roommates as "aunts".

what a blessing to have had three sets of grandparents!!! glad you had a good (and full!) trip!

Emily Pitts said...

what a great wrap up to your tour :) and the sneaks are great!

Kasey said...

Very, very beautiful sneaks!

You are very blessed to have three different sets of grandparents! It sounds to me like you have wonderful childhood memories that you will treasure forever!

Have a lovely day!

Anna Sigga said...

Loving the sneaks and I so hear you on the love thing!
Love goes well beyond blood!

Sasha Farina said...

love love reading about your family April. awesome sneaks hey!

Mrs Frizz said...

Wow - you are so very lucky having three sets of grandparents ... how special for you.

And this is not meant to offend in any way ... but crikey ... I tried okra when I was visiting the big ol' US of A four years ago ... and I can honestly say ... I will never, ever, have it again ... not saying anything else ... lol.