Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CKC Nashville

I brought my camera and everything, but this was the only photo I took at CKC Nashville on Sept 11-12.

I was so glad to meet a fellow-SCer, Karen Malloy. I loved sitting and gabbing with her while I was waiting for the class. I learned so much about her wonderful family, including the fact that her son is a chef and I must have him cook for me sometime :)

The Masking and Misting class was fantastic. All the students were wonderful. We had a blast, and there were lots of giveaways. So, if you're on the fence about taking the same class at CKC-Glendale, jump off the fence and into the class. This time, Maggie Holmes is teaching it, so I know it will be even better.

Speaking of Maggie, I had the chance to eat dinner with her plus her mom, sister, neice, and my mom. We had a great time and the conversation was never lacking. Neither of our moms really understand the scrapbooking world, so it was funny hearing them talk about us. I only wish they lived closer and we could get together more often.


Anonymous said...

I have that blouse!!! Its still hanging in my closet. I just love seeing you on the blog and on the SCMB knowing that we have the same taste!!!

Karen said...

you are soooo sweet. i really enjoyed meeting you too and am looking forward to seeing you again.