Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"she's pretty but she's crazy"

Funny how there's so many similarities between cows and women. I mean seriously, the title of this post could just as easily apply to a psycho-woman as it does to this beautiful, yet crazy bovine.

"She's pretty but she's crazy."

That's how Greg describes Cow #1 and I whole-heartedly agree. Just look at her. Perfect hair. Perfect eyes. Perfect ears (but with mis-matchy earrings). A pretty shape to her face.

But, man is she ever C-R-A-Z-Y.

As soon as G pulls up on the 4-wheeler, she immediately heads toward it and starts mooing incessantly. The other cows come, too, but she's just much more obsessed. Look at them in the photo below, they're off minding their business and she's trying to eat out of the bucket attached to the 4-wheeler. Crazy, I tell you.

She even kept trying to take a bite while Greg was spraying her with fly-prevention.

I guess those 5 words just sum it up best.


Hannah said...

love it!

love the title...and the photos!

Sure sounds like you're enjoying farm life! I'm jealous! :)

Angela W said...

This was great, so funny!

Ally said...

But she IS PRETTY!

Christine said...

LOL! :D crazy girl!

stephanie howell said...

i'm cracking up b/c
a. this story is funny
but mainly b/c
heee! xoxo

Houston said...

Hee hee hee! Great photos of the crazy one!