Sunday, July 13, 2008

weekend happenings

This weekend, we went up to Cincy to see some college friends, Jason and Jessica. They're expecting a baby in 6 weeks, so the purpose of our visit was to attend a shower, but really, we made a whole weekend of it, including playing some rock band!

It takes us about 3 hours to get to Cincy plus they're an hour ahead, so we didn't get there till about 8:00 on Friday night. The first order of business was to eat some Mexican food (my favorite, except they still weren't serving pico de gallo, so that was annoying). Then, we came back to the house and endoctrinated them with Rock Band. I thought we'd never get it hooked up to their TV, but finally, we did. We rocked till 1:00, then the guys stayed up till 3:00 bringing down the house.

On Saturday, we went to Jessica's baby shower while Greg and Jason played golf. It was so fun meeting all her family and friends and we played a game I've never seen before.

Do you see what Jessica's doing here? Inspecting a diaper filled with something edible. We had to guess what was inside. I was HORRIBLE at this game. Let's just say I do not have the nose of a bloodhound.
Jessica's sister, Allison, who works for St. Jude's.
A flattering picture of Jessica. We worked really hard on the angle so now Jason can take pictures of her during the last few weeks that she will be proud of!
And, her baby room. All shades of pink/brown.

Finally, the four of us before we had to leave. I would give you the full image, but, well, sear-sucker pants are wierd in photographs. (note to self)


liz mataraza said...

beautiful pics! what a wonderful nursery and that game sounds pretty weird. i've never heard of that either.

Sweet Peripety said...

I love seersucker! April, you are so beautiful! I think that game is better than MOST I've had to take part in at baby shower's! Lovely pics, too!