Sunday, April 8, 2007


Well, I finally did it. On Tuesday, I had 13 inches of hair cut off to give to locks of love. I probably wouldn't have done it, except I told everyone I knew the date I was cutting it, so I couldn't back out. It was scary!!! Do you want to know the real reason I did it? I was complaining one day about my thick, frizzy, wavy hair and my mother told me that I shouldn't be so selfish (moms are good about reminding you of things like this). So, to prove her wrong, I told her I would give it to Locks of Love. And, yes, it was probably a rash statement, but a good one. Hopefully a wonderful child will be blessed with my thick, frizzy, and wavey hair and they'll probably appreciate it more than I did!


AJ said...

Super congrats!!! My daughter has donated her hair twice. I'll bet you feel lighter than a feather! Congrats again!

Connie said...

Super kind donation, April! BTW your new haircut looks FAB!!