Saturday, October 16, 2010

tv room (upstairs)

This is the last room I have to show you upstairs until the nursery is ready (and I'm D-Y-I-N-G to show that one!). This room was originally a bedroom. Painted Red. Really really red.

This photo shows what you saw when you first walked in off the hallway. The door on the left was a bathroom (which we kept as a bathroom but rearranged and made larger to open to the hallway instead of the room). The two doors in the middle were both small closets. Originally the house had 3 dormers along the front, two of which opened in this room (to the left and right of the closet doors). This was just unused space, only wide enough for a window. We combined the 3 dormers into one shed dormer (photos of the outside later) and that gave much more usable space to this room (and bathroom) for a relatively low cost.

Here's the right dormer windo. Note the long unusable hallway. This room radiates red.

And the left dormer. Although this space looked like it was used circa 1983 by the date of that computer. Oh, and did I mention this room was red?

Well, we decided to change that.....

Rug: Yep, that's the cowhide rug I got at the flea market. Cheap and real cow. Don't be buying the $400 version from West Elm, unless you just like labels. Greg r-e-a-l-l-y wanted a cowhide rug after seeing it on his mistress' blog.
Sofa: Natuzzi from Macy's
Stools: Stolen from my mom. She says she's going to take them back, but I don't believe her.
Shearling Throw: Pottery Barn on sale ages ago. It's my favorite snuggle blanket. The dogs love it, too.
Canvases: Carnival Ride Art by Restoration Hardware.

The wall behind the sofa is painted with chalkboard paint and a friend of ours did the mural.

Table & Chairs: Table was found at an antique mall in wonderful condition. Chairs are left-over from my parents' house and covered with slipcovers. These aren't by Pottery Barn. Can't remember where I bought them, but they were only $15/each.

This shot of the room shows how much combining the dormers really opened up the room. In the dead center is where those two closet doors used to be.

Storage Baskets: This was the splurge in the room. I loved it and it's perfect for holding blankets. From Arhaus.
Pillow: RUPiper

You can't really see it in this photo, but the Route 66 canvas is one we get asked about all the time. Actually the people who bought our last house wanted to purchase it to stay in the TV room there, but I knew I couldn't find it anywhere so I kept it. It's another purchase like the ceramic bike disc that I got at market with a friend of mine. Don't know the source, but it's so cool. :)

Light Fixture: Calhoun Glass Pendant by Pottery Barn.
Console: Antique Barn in Asheville, NC. Greg and I loved this place. LOVED IT. It was a huge warehouse full of stuff. Full. And the prices were decent. Not flea market pricing, but close and the best thing about it was that a guy named George helped by delivering all the way to our house. Yes, there was a fee, but it wasn't terrible. But, next time we go, we'll know to take the trailer. Uh huh. You heard right. We have a trailer. We live on a farm...gotta have one of those.

Inside, we just put a bunch of the $0.25 books on the shelves, some photos and other memorabilia. Drums Greg got on vacation somewhere (probably the Bahamas at that Straw Market), a Louisville Slugger bat with our names and wedding date on it (Our rehearsal dinner was at the Slugger Museum), cheap $1.50 vases from IKEA that I bought and never knew what to do with them.

This is one of the most used rooms in the house. We might add some bamboo blinds to the windows, but I'm not sold on that yet.

Oh, and I didn't mention that we use the chalkboard wall to keep score for card games. Fun stuff!


laura vegas said...

another amazing room! i so look forward to all these peeks at your house, and hearing about all the changes you've made to the original structure. just love your style and design ideas. love the idea of folding back to covers of old books ... such a simple little thing, that looks really cool.

Kimber-Leigh said...

i LOVE it! what a great room! i love that there's a dedicated spot for games!

i grew up right around the corner from the antique tobacco barn :) whenever i'm visiting my parents, it's a stop i always have to make :) it used to only be open periodically in the "offseason" and was quite hit or miss but the hours are more regular now...and i'm SO glad for that! glad you found it and love it too!

(did you see the section that had a bunch of 7gypsies stuff? that suprised me on my last visit!)

Rachel Anderson said...

that rug is awesome. I think my husband would happily have on in our house, ha. I am dying to see pictures of your kitchen :)

TracyGirls(Jill) said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see the rest!

Barb said...

Love it - so comfortable!

Ally said...

Uh, not that I want you to stop doing SC, cause I would die if you did, but have thought about a career in home decorating? My gosh woman, you are amazing. Do your talents ever cease? Your home is magazine perfect.

*reyanna* said...

Love this room! I LOVE the way your console turned out. Folding over book pages? That's genius! Where did you learn that? I need to try that! LOL.

I love the idea of having the table and chairs in there to play games. And having the chalkboard to keep score is amazing! I will definitely be using that idea in the future! :-D

p.s. I agree with Ally. You are amazing. :-D I'm decorating our home right now, and sometimes when I'm stumped, I think, "WWAD" What would April do? FYI... I also do this when I'm getting dress in the morning and deciding what jewelry to wear... LOL. :-p I'm kinda pathetic like that. Sorry. :-p