Saturday, October 23, 2010


We're headed to a Halloween/Fall party tonight sans bonfire. I feel so sad about the lack of fire, but we've had no rain here for so long and there's a no-burn ordinance in effect. But, we'll bundle up, head out and take a dessert to the party and have a wonderful time with lots of friends.

I decided to make Pecan Pumpkin Butter Dessert Squares after having it saved in my RSS folder for a little while. I don't really care for pumpkin, but when I saw these stacked up on Bakerella's blog, they did look scrumptious.

So, today when I realized I needed to make a dessert pronto, I went to my RSS feed and started browsing. This one popped out at me because it's so fallish, but the main ingredient is Pecan Pumpkin Butter from Williams-Sonoma (over an hour away). Thinking the jar looked familiar, I headed to my pantry and what-do-you-know, I had a jar of it! I know it's not something I would buy. Actually, I think one of my former pharma reps gifted it to me a couple years ago, either that or Greg bought it. In either case, it was still in date so the baking commenced.

And, to make up for any out-datedness, I decided to use my primo Watkins Cinnamon instead of Kroger brand.

Just to enable you, they taste as good as they look and I don't even like pumpkin.


Jennifer said...

I ADORE that pumpkin butter from WS. I got a jar of it for my birthday last month and I need more. I loved it smeared on hot toast in the mornings for breakfast. SO GOOD!!! I follow Bakerella's blog...I thought those looked interesting but I didn't even read the ingredients list.
I'm quietly stalking you. Can't wait to see your little one soon! And your home is beautiful!

Emily Pitts said...

you are really cute :)

Kimber-Leigh said...

those look amazing :) yum.

Keshet said...

Those look amazing!!

Tina J. said...

So good to hear your review on the recipe because at this very moment, they are in my oven! Thanks!
Tina J.