Saturday, August 22, 2009

kayak trip

It was a cool 63 degrees when we launched our boats this morning into Drakes Creek. Our launch point was on the west side of the farm, and we rowed about 3 hours to Romanza Johnson park just off Mt. Lebanon road.

We were lucky to have our friends Amber and Trevor from Nashville join us on the trip. It was their first time ever in a canoe, so there were definitely some funny moments. Like when Greg went over some narrow rapids with his kayak and they thought they could do the same and Amber ended up doing the limbo underneath a tree. That girl got flat in a hurry!

Here's a few shots of the day from Amber's camera. I'll download mine later to share with you.

Seriously, can you believe this is behind our house?

The guys (Trevor and Greg).

The guys took a break to investigate a school bus up the cliff that we saw. I took a Cheeze-It break instead.

This was right before I found a surprise in my kayak.....I'll have a photo of that to share later.


Kimberly said...

Sounds like you had a great time. My friend went on a canoe trip with a group from Nashville today. I was going to go but wanted to paint instead. She is single...and well...maybe she will meet some friends. She is pretty lonely here in BG so far.

Cannot wait to see what your surprise is...

Christine said...

WOW! sounds like you guys had a great time!