Friday, July 24, 2009


A gray fox looks like a red fox, but it's gray.

My Dad:
You don't say......


So, the real reason for my post today is the book I compiled and decorated for Greg's Grandaddy's 90th birthday. All the kids and grandkids, and a niece and nephew wrote their memories of Tom over the years. Then, that information was compiled and printed on linen paper, and bound into this book.

I loved the idea of compiling little anecdotes through the years. When the book was presented to Tom on his birthday, he was so excited...well as excited as a 90-year-old can be.


Denise said...

April, that will be cherished! What an awesome idea. I hope you report back on how much everybody loves it. :o)

Christine said...

what a wonderful treasure!

Christine said...

PS. April, do you use any kind of template for those 'spiky' circles? thanks

Tara said...

Awww! What can you get someone for their 90th birthday? They have everything ... need nothing.
I did my 1st scrapbook for my grandpa when he turned 90. It was photos of him throughout his life and served as the guestbook. He loved it.