Thursday, July 16, 2009

beating the storm

Just thought I'd post a few photos I took earlier this week. I'm doing this mainly so my aunt and uncle and grandmother in Texas can see them. So, if your name is Steve, Kathy, or Ann, this post is for you :)

This is the field on the east side of our property. It's the whole reason I'm adding more windows to the kitchen, just so we can watch the sun come up over this field. It's just a theory right now because I've never been out there that early, but I'm imagining that it would be beautiful to watch a sunrise.

My man on his stallion (the 4-wheeler of course).

Miss Pretty-Crazy with a bite hanging out of her mouth.

He looks like an actual farmer here :)

Going underneath the fly-rub. I think Greg pours diesel on that and it rubs on their backs and keeps the flies away. I told you we had a fly prevention program and I wasn't kidding!

Spraying all the cows with something to keep the flies away. Just a side note, Scarlet thought preventing flies would make the cows not organic, but that's not true, it just keeps them from going blind from pink eye. Their meat tastes the same and there's no chemicals that go into the meat. But, except for the calves, these cows are for calf-production, not eating, anyway.

Well, that's it.


Angela W said...

Such great pics, April!

Kimber-Leigh said...

the land is gorgeous. makes me want to move to kentucky!

Karen said...

i love to see your farm pics! so fun....

*reyanna* said...

So the *calves* are for eating? Or they have the calves, and then you have milk, and then the calves grow into more cows that have more calves and make more milk?! :)

Kimberly said...

I am loving your farm photos. Maybe one day soon I can visit your cows. They are gorgeous.