Tuesday, July 15, 2008

some sneaks plus some prayers

In my last post, I gabbed about our fun weekend up in Cincy with Jason and Jessica. Although we had a wonderful time, what we didn't know was that she was in labor the whole time. She was admitted to the hospital on Monday and will hopefully be released tomorrow. After that, she will be on bed-rest for the remainder of her pregnancy (hopefully 6 weeks). I could go into the details, but it's relatively serious and so your prayers would be appreciated.

Onto a lighter subject...it's sneak time at Studio Calico!!! And, we have a new sneak forum if you'd like to see more from the design team, plus see what our members have guessed so far.

Below are some PPs from the main kit in Aug...yummy, summery colors.
And some more from the main.
Here's a small sneak from the Raspberry Truffle add-on.

And, my favorite, the Mint-Chocolate Chip add-on. The ribbon and KR paper are in the main kit. The sticker is in the Key Lime Pie add-on.
Kits post at 12:00am EST on the 28th, but really, we have a lot of fun the night of the 27th!!! So come join us!


stephanie howell said...

girl, you put me to SHAME.
and that is the truth.

i'll be praying for your sweet friend... i completely believe in the power of prayer.

joanne (spagirl) said...

i'll say a prayer for your friend... hope she is well.
and... thanks for the sneaks. they're gorgeous! i appreciate when you tell us what's in the main... and which ones are the add-ons too!

Sweet Peripety said...

I am sooo sorry for your friend. I will be praying, too. When I say I pray, I do.

Love your sneaks. THANKS for showing us the main kit paper. I LOVE MUSIC! LOL!

Emily Pitts said...

is that a stamp? the houndstooth thingie in your last brown/apricot layout? hmmm....?

you really make me like this kit more now. i wasn't too hip on it yesterday. :)

vtpuggirl said...

Thank you for the peeks, I feel I've had my fix for a little while. I can hang in there now.

Prayers for your friend. She must be worried, hope everything is ok.

Joy said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see the entire projects!

Anonymous said...

Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers.

I just love your kits that you guys have made up. SO cute... and I don't even scrapbook!

Brenda Hurd said...

the paper looks bright and fun - can't wait to get it!
Prayers coming your way.............

Shawn, Jen and kids said...

Hey April! I just ran across your blog...I LOVE IT! It's so cute:) Looks like all is well!