Saturday, March 3, 2012

week in review

This past week, Greg was in Florida for a meeting, so I took way more instagrams than I normally do, just to keep him in the loop of the local happenings. Documenting the everyday of this week really makes me wish I was on the Project Life bandwagon, but I need to accept my limitations, and I truly do NOT have time for it. Will I make time in the future? Yes. But, for now, I'm telling myself to be content with this type of documentation.

From the top and left to right:
  1. After bathtime, a particularly sweet moment with Claire on top of my belly. This was right after she stepped about 6 inches into the mud and fell into it while I was unloading groceries. I really needed this snuggle!
  2. Claire with a Mickey sticker left over from Disney. We got 8 stickers for free the first day and wow, have we made them last!
  3. Me, particularly happy I actually fit into this normal (non-maternity) shirt. I probably won't fit it next week, but it made me happy nonetheless.
  4. Reading time, which is practically 50% of the time. I'm so happy Claire loves books.
  5. While shopping for Claire some pants that actually fit, I snapped this photo of these Fossil pouches. I meant to send to Greg as a hint since my birthday is this coming week, but I forgot. Silly me....and why must I love Fossil so much?
  6. My 21 week belly and someone tugging at my side.
  7. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! Claire is obsessed. She's waving her imaginary wand.
  8. Sunday bathtime.
  9. Me. I combined turquoise with red. Gasp...I think it worked okay.


mandyb said...

cute your own style of PL!!!!
thanks for sharing

justem said...

love fossil. :)
pants for claire that actually fit? yeah that doesn't get any better as they get older...

Wendy said...

sweet pics...
& i love Fossil too and it doesn't help that i live only 30 min from the FOSSIL OUTLET in Gulf Shores, AL :))))
easy. addiction.

Unknown said...

LOVE all the pics April, i'm so happy for you :] && Fossil has out some ammmmazing things right now, I'm obsessed with this turquoise purse I MUST have, with the camera wallet-- hopefully you get yours for the upcoming bday!!!

Barb said...

I agree about the Fossil. Why is it all so cute?!!??

marcy said...

Just because you're not doing Project Life doesn't mean you're not documenting yours! Loved seeing your shots on instagram this last week.

Unknown said...

I think these photos are lovely!! Photos at least jog memories that we may otherwise forget so the everyday documentation will be so cherished in the future. (Note to self: Do this yourself!)

Suz said...

You are doing a fabulous job of documenting here on your blog and with Instagram!
As far as the bd gift hinting goes, does Greg ever read your blog? ;)