Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sneaks of my favorite kit ever

No kidding, October will go down in history as my favorite kit ever at Studio Calico. I love this kit. Funny because although I liked it as Scarlet and I were putting it together, I didn't think it would grow on me that much. But, boy has it ever!

2 things that inspired me this month:
  • Purchasing a sewing machine. Yes, I'm channeling my inner Martha (or Lisa Truesdell) this month. I sewed on 3 of the 5 layouts I made this month and I'm proud of 'em. They're by no means perfect, but I'm learning. Add to that, I now know how to make a bobbin, and I'm on cloud nine!
  • Finding my old typewriter. Last year, sometime, Greg's parents found a typewriter they were going to sell in a yard sale. Thankfully, Greg rescued it and we got a ribbon off ebay and she works pretty good. The "o" gets stuck sometimes, and the "l", I've practically got to beat into submission, but she gets the job done. In our move, I decided to pack her up for storage out at the farm, but when I was out looking for floormats for Greg to use in his shop, there she lay. I grabbed her up and never did find the floormats. Oh well.
So, here are my sneaks:

This is made using PP from the main kit and the ribbon & glittercut are from the Fall Festival add-on. I also added cream mist after I journaled. The cream is a must have, I believe.

For this sneak, I used all items from the main kit. I fell in love with these envelopes by Maya Road at CHA. It's been forever since we included envelopes in the kit and there's all sorts of neat things you can do with them. Nicole Harper made a great mini out of hers....I can't wait to see her gallery, but I decided to use them sealed on a layout. My main goal was to type on them, but my typewriter was being finnicky and wouldn't progress with the thick envelope. My solution was the cut the top flap off and an inch off the back, feed it through the typewriter, then glue it directly on the page. It worked and if you wanted to put something inside the envelopes, that would work, too. I didn't have anything profound to say in my journaling, so I just sealed mine.


This is one of my favorite layouts from the kit. All the items here are from the main kit except for the stickers in the Science Fair add-on and the little gems in Pep Rally. I threw together this page really quickly plus I did some neat typing on it, which you can't see yet. ooooh....just you wait.


Lastly, this layout is about Natalee, Lorie's daughter. Loved the photo and it reminded me we need to have another photo shoot :) I sewed on this one and used the numbers from one of the SC exclusive patterned papers along with the Storytime Numbers stamp set, which if it isn't already back in stock, it will be soon (as in the next day or so). I also used misting with 3 different colors on this layout.

Now if I could only find a way to stamp, mist, AND type on a single layout, I will have hit the trifecta of Scrapbooking Goodness!

If you haven't already thought of this and if you're not a paper junkie and don't usually order extra patterned paper like me, let me advise you this month. First, we produced more of it knowing that these papers would be well-liked. Second, you will like the FRONTS AND BACKS of both sheets of SC paper and it's not the kind where you think, "Oh, I can just use a strip from the front and a strip from the back and be okay." This is just incorrect and you'll see why. So, let me be the first to tell you that I (me the person who only uses a strip of PP here and there) is telling you to plan to order the MORE SC Patterned Paper or the More Patterned Paper add-ons this month, BELIEVE ME! That's your fair warning and you know I haven't ever cried wolf.

Lastly, I had my D&C this morning. Other than crampiness, loopiness, and otherwise strangeness, I'm doing well. I'm glad we made the decision to do the procedure. Thanks again for all your well-wishes. Love you all.


Nicole said...

Your sneaks are stunning!! can't wait to see them in their entirety!!! :) I'm glad the procedure went well. I had one in the past and recuperated pretty quickly. I'll be praying for healing of your body, mind and spirit during this difficult time and for another miracle of life to happen sooner rather than later for you. (hugs!)

HL0517 said...

LOVE you sneaks and {{{hugs}}} as you give yourself plenty of time to recover. I know the heartbreak from having one of those and am keeping you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

fabulous sneaks. i truely cannot wait to see what everyone did with it... i think this one will "for sure" be my favorite kit!

AND so glad you are feel better and the procedure went well. hugs.

Karen said...

fantastic sneaks....glad you are doing well. sending you love! mwaaaah!

ToneF said...

The sneakies look awesome! Can't wait to see the rest!
I really think I need to get those Maya Mists now... I am so inspired by your misting work!

Glad to hear you feel better. You'll see, it will all work out fine. *hugs*

Kimberly said...

Your layouts look fab! I too have an addiction to sewing on my layouts but since moving to BG I have not bothered with it. That may have to change, now. Lastly, you are on my TAWG list and you will overcome this time in your life. Just have a community of love surrounding you, whether it be in person or by thoughts and prayer.

Rhian said...

great sneaks, really looking forward to seeing these papers.

((sending healing hugs))keeping you in my thoughts, I know what you are going through, I got my little miracle the next year and hope you get yours too xx

Valerie Bishop said...

Your sneaks are lovely - and I can't wait to see all of them - I know they will be stunning - as usual!!

So glad you are doing ok - I've been where you have been and my advice is take any support that you can get at this time - it will truly help!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

you are such a doll, April. I know you are hurting real deep; we did when we went through it in 2002. People will find it hard to say the right words and you will find it hard to put on a brave face. Im sending you a smatterill of strength over the internet cables as I type (you will get it much quicker than I get my blummin kit ; - those pesky posties are out to get me!!)
Anyway I love that alpha - that veneer alpha... hello? shut up!
Loving the sewing machinery, i must drag mine out again.
hugs and loves and my freshest boogers - all for you and greg x

Houston said...

Oooh, they are all fantastic, I've been admiring the envelope layout on the SC site and I wondered how you got them through the machine. I just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are with you both, God Bless.

Anonymous said...

oh, feel better soon, dearie!!!

(sorry you are having to undergo this on top of everything else.)

your sneaks are fabulous :):) :)


waleska said...

Thank you! I was wondering why nobody claimed this kit as a favorite yet?! Judging by the peeks it will be MY fave too. I'm waaaay excited about it!! Your peeks are fabulous, as always :)

Zorina said...

Feel better soon, ok! Loving the sneakies you posted. ((Hugs))

stephanie howell said...

can't wait to see. oh, and have i ever told you that a. i'm proud of you
b. you're amazing?

Carrie said...

You are pushing me closer and closer to buying a sewing machine, especially with that last LO! Glad you are doing ok. Hugs to you & Greg.

Ally said...

Soooo impressive - everything from your scrappy goodness to your attitude about how things in life just throw you around. Hang in there - we are all thinking about you!

Lisa said...

Your sneaks are amazing!! I love looking at them!

You are also amazing. I know you are hurting, but your attitude in your post is inspiring to me. I read it and hoped I could be as strong as you. Again, sending you and Greg prayers and healing thoughts!

lisa truesdell said...

love the sneaks, love the stitching, and i've been on a mission to get my hands on a typewriter that works, too. =)

hugs and love, once again.

Angela W said...

Fabulous sneaks! Thank you for telling what kit/add-ons you used for each, very helpful! I usually always get more PP, thanks for the heads up though!

nicole said...

glad to hear you're OK. =)
your attitude is amazing & tremendous.
i love your sneaks and snickered at your "trifecta" comment. love it!

Jenn said...

The October SC kit looks like another fabulous addition. I super {heart} all of your sneaks.

I only 'know' you through SC and your blog but I've been thinking about your family a lot since you posted about your miscarriage. We miscarried in February and I was surprised at how much it affected me after. I have been praying for you guys. I wish you peace of body and mind in the coming weeks. And I look forward to hearing about good news yet to come.

Steph said...

I think I cried a little when I saw in your journaling that you gave up Sonic drinks. I've been without a local sonic for almost 5 years. They just opened one down the street and now I think I'm in big trouble!

*reyanna klein* said...

I'm glad you're doing well, and I'm glad you're glad you did the procedure. I know that had to be hard.
Hugs again! :) (I give good hugs.)

LOVE your sneaks! And you know... I'm thinking I will just have to get this kit. So much for canceling, yes?! LOL. I'm such a loser... ;) Serves me right, it does. (Wow, that last sentence was kind of Eliza Doolittle of me, wasn't it?! "I'm a good girl, I am!" ;)

Emily Pitts said...

april these are LOVELY.