Saturday, October 25, 2008

lots of pictures to share

This past week has been jam-packed with activities. Last Saturday was my 10 year high school reunion. I went to North Bullitt High School, in a suburb of Louisvlle, KY -- very middle class. I loved my high school and I've been anxious to go back to the reunion this whole year.

Sadly, I was not able to get my roots dyed before the occasion....lots of white hair poking out all over the place, but oh well, I had fun anyway.

This is us before the event courtesy of mom:

and the shoes I wore....(also courtesy of mom)

Tiffany, the homecoming queen and class president, put the event together. I have to admit, I wasn't sure she'd pull it off, but in the end, she did a wonderful job.

(tiff and myself)

I forgot to mention that Amber wasn't able to make it because of her tonsillectomy. There were 3 sets of twins in our class of 150 (crazy, huh?): myself and Amber, Samantha and Jessica (below), and a set of boy twins (I can't remember their names).

Samantha, Jessica, and I talked about how strange it is that all the "bad" things seem to happen to one of them. Jessica has to have surgery on her left eye, she had a tonsillectomy and several other things. Amber seems to have drawn the "bad" card as well. She had to wear braces a second time, had surgery for a deviated septum, and just last week, her tonsillectomy.

A group picture of 38 graduates. I really expected more to show up because our class was so active. And, I was also surprised at who showed some of the most popular kids didn't come even though they still live in Louisville....not sure why.
And, finally, this is who I wanted to see: Rebecca, my best friend in high school. We went to WKU together, but then lost touch. Now, she's a teacher at North Bullitt, and we have each other's email addresses and we've promised to stay in touch :)

Rebecca, Tiffany, me, Pam, and Andrea (I didn't hang out much with Pam and Andrea in high school, but it was still fun to see them and catch up on old times.)

When we arrived at the reunion, Tiffany had name tags made for us with our yearbook picture on them. YIKES!!! I kind of wish I had saved the name tag for you to see (I can't seem to find my yearbook), but here are some pictures that I had in a scrapbook back in the day....
I'm second from the left and Tiffany is a couple over from me. If I remember correctly, this picture was not from Halloween. The week before homecoming, we had different ways to dress each day. The student council took a count of the number of people from each class who dressed up and the class with the most students at the end of the week won bragging rights. I think this must have been "decade day." Other days were SPIRIT DAY, or PAJAMA DAY, or a day you could wear a hat. It was fun, don't knock it. (BTW, notice the scalloped scissors and page corners....see I was rocking the scrapbook supplies)

A photo from homecoming (were flannel shirts really that popular?). I'm 3rd from the left and Rebecca is on the far right.

ahhhh....graduation day. Didn't we all look good in yellow? (gag me)
And, my favorite of all....wasn't this clever? I'm the "O", Amber is the "N" and Rebecca is the "I". (This must have been SPIRIT DAY). We're standing in front of our hall decoration. Each class got a large section of a wall to decorate and we were given a theme. This theme had something to do with mystical characters because that's Hercules behind us. Anyway, as a class, we would cut, paste, glitter, and paint paper that would be adhered to the wall. Then, the teachers would judge which class was the best. From our Sophomore year on, our class won first place every homecoming!!!

As you can see, my scrapbooking skills have improved, as has my hair-do and my fashion sense.(I hope)
People kept saying, "You haven't changed," and I was thinking, "I really hope I've changed....."
You be the judge :)
All week long was work, work, work.
Friday night we went to a wedding down in Nashville and afterwards, we went to eat downtown at Jack's BBQ. If you are ever in Nashville, go!!!! It's on 3rd street (I think)....whatever the main drag is. The best brisket ever, cooked just like they do in Texas! Rich, Lorie and Natalee went with us and we made plans to attend Jackson's orchard the next day.
The 5 weekends before Halloween, they have a petting zoo, horse rides, a hay maze and playground set up.

and pumpkins of course.....
which Natalee called "apples" (we must have corrected her a thousand times, but in the end, we did see some apples)

I'll have more pics from our excursion later, but until then, check out the studio blog. Lorie is going to post some more pictures from the event as part of her history lesson :)


Emily Pitts said...

fun pictures april! i love that you showed us all the old pictures :) and natalee sure is a cutie!

goooooood girl said...

i like......

waleska said...

whoa! the shoes are fabulous! I lost concentration after the shoes... sorry :)

Angela W said...

Yes, thanks for showing the old pics! Loved hearing about it all and glad you got to visit with old friends!

stephanie howell said...

I'm so glad you had fun. We totally would have been friends in high school, fyi. that is a seriously beautiful picture of you and greg.

Kimber-Leigh said...

SO fun! glad you got to go. i had to miss my 10-year last fall (it was the week before madeleine was due) and yes, i believe flannel shirts really were that popular :)