Sunday, April 27, 2008

I think I've literally gone insane.

Jenn challenged us to post crazy avatars at Studio Calico on the blog this week. Here's mine for reveal night and as soon as that kit is revealed, I think I will be replacing my avatar. Yikes!
Anyway, the crazy photo coincides with something crazy I purchased this week. If you know me, literally the only creative thing I do is scrapbook, so I don't know what I was thinking when I purchased this.

I've been thinking for a while how I want to hand-sew a quilt. My adopted grandmother loved to sew and cross-stitch and taught me how, but I have yet to use my "talent" (a very loose interpretation of the word) in any sizeable project. She made my sister and I a beautiful full size quilt to give us at graduation and it's something I will treasure forever.

Originally, I thought I might just do a simple quilt, maybe some stripes of something, using some Joel Dewberry fabric. I've loved his fabric for a while and thought it would be perfect for my first quilting project...I mean, I am going to have to look at it for a while, so I might as well like it, right?

I was perusing the internet at my hotel in Cincy last week and came across this pattern on Denyse Schmidt's website. I was in love instantly! Admittedly, it will be a challenge...but, I think I'm up for it. But, I will say, the night I purchased it, I stayed awake for hours laying in bed, thinking, "what on earth have I gotten myself into?"

I'll try to keep you updated on my progress. My goal is to make a twin size, which is 8 circles, but.....we'll see how it goes after I'm 4 squares in. Wish me luck!


Tina said...

good luck with the quilt!

Anonymous said...

Your new avatar literally made me LOL. :D

justem said...

hehe! love the new avatar!

Suzyhomemaker said...

Oh wow. Love the pic :)

Good luck with the quilt :) I love to hand sew, but when trying to follow a quilt pattern I'm kinda lost :) I like to have room for my own pattern if need be :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously freaking out because I cannot log on to the SC site. Am I the only one?!?!? I want those butterfly stamps.

caroline said...

hahah you are too cute
good luck with the quilting!!

Erin said...

sounds like a fun project april!
I love Joel Dewberry fabric too! I am not a sewer, but my mom has a slipcover business and has always sewed, so I have a huge love for fabrics.